When To Let A Friend Do Your Reading

Having a tarot friend is an enriching experience. It’s a lonely feeling to have an interest that nobody around you shares. This is especially the case with tarot readings, as they can be personal and important. Having someone to talk to who also knows the cards can help deepen your understanding of your own readings. From them, you can find new readers, or create new ones. When psychic enthusiasts gather, it’s not surprising when one offers to do a reading for another. If the conditions are right, this can lead to a solid bonding experience for the both of you. A poor setup, though, can lead to a botched reading and hurt feelings. Before you leave your future to your friend’s system, make sure the conditions are right to keep things good between the two of you. You’re Ready to Listen To Them Sometimes, the future isn’t so bright. If you’re in a time of strife, or have an upsetting change coming down the road, life ends up no fun to talk about. In these instances, turning to the cards can help provide answers. When the problem lies within yourself or something you deeply care about, these answers can be hard to hear. In this instance, having a friend as…

When Not To Let A Friend Do Your Reading

Choosing a psychic is an important decision that you must make with care. It means trusting them with your problems and following the advice from their reading. Persona problems is up to you, how much you want to disclose to find your answers. The reader, though, i responsible for bringing knowledge of the system, and all of its nuance. If there are parts of your life that are unusual, a psychic might not always pick up on them and use them in their reading. In these instances, it might be tempting to have a friend do a psychic reading for you. After all, they know you well. They know how you’d react to the various things that a reading might turn up, and fine-tune it to reflect your life. It isn’t a perfect system, though, and there are times when a friend’s reading can bring more harm than good. Before consenting to a reading by a friend, check out the situation. When It Brings Them In If you’re using numerology to check a relationship between you and a friend, don’t have them be the one to conduct the reading. This makes the reading personal for the psychic, and could lead to clouded judgement. It’s possible they can keep a clear…

Karmic Debt: Numerology Reveals If It’s Dragging You Down

Birthdays and names are key components to numerology, but truth is it can reveal insights to times even earlier. The way we begin in this life is born from previous lives. Through numerology, we can sometimes learn more about the errors of our past lives. They come up sometimes when karmic debt numbers appear. There are four of them, and should they turn up in calculations of numbers a psychic must take them into account. Each number has its own nuance, and needs a different approach. From here, you can grow and gain more fulfillment from this life. They aren’t bad luck or a curse upon this life, but instead a guidepost. The Four Numbers 13: 3 is a number of joy and decadence, but 13 comes from excess. This reveals a problem of your past to be sloth. You didn’t work hard enough, and it brought you down. In the face of problems, ignorance and apathy are the most dangerous reactions. The answer to this is a matter of turning things around. Buckle down and work hard in this life. With any luck, you’ll see the results of this growth in no time at all. 14: Freedom is a precious gift in whatever form it manifests. Misusing it, though…

Automated Numerology vs a Real Numerology Reader

Numerology is truly one of the psychic sciences that allows for no real wiggle room. You have your birthdate, your birthplace, and sometimes even the exact time of when you were born, and they’re entered into a formula with no questions asked. Unlike tarot reading and crystal meditation, two psychic methods that are up to interpretation more often than not, numerology is very exact and not debatable. If you were born on this day, in this place, and at this time, you can’t get a different reading unless you’re using a numerology reader with a different algorithm, which is rare. Despite this fact, this doesn’t mean it’s wise to always use automated forms of numerology. Because of the cut and dry readings and exact specifications for numerology, many websites offer forms to fill out that can generate a reading for you on the spot. While these do have their perks, they also come with some cons, much like seeing a real astrology reader who can give you a reading in person. The Ease and Speed of Automated Numerology Websites The pros of automated numerology readings are obvious if you’ve ever had one done. Instead of having to pay a professional to do basic math and interpret the results, all you…


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