Using Numerology As an Office Manager

Have you ever heard about any of those instances when the police enlisted the help of a psychic because they were stuck on a case? Sometimes, you even hear of marvelous breakthroughs where the psychic was able to find evidence that the police had previously missed. That’s pretty incredible when you think about it. If you spend all day behind a desk in your office, you probably wish there was some spiritual service that could make your job easier, too. As a matter of fact, though, there is! Numerology can, in fact, tell you a ton about the office that you are managing and the jobs you’re in charge of. You just need to know which areas you should be looking at. Below, we’ll teach you all about the basics of using numerology to make your office more efficient. You’ll be coming in ahead of schedule in no time now. Find Out What People Are All About One of the best ways you can use numerology in an office setting is as a way to get to better know your employees without actually speaking to them. For example, what if you sum their name and birth date and get to know some fundamentals about them? That could teach you a…

Chaldean versus Pythagorean Numerology

Most numerologists, and nearly every Life Number calculator you’ll find online, use Pythagorean numerology. It’s the most common system, rediscovered in the 19th century based on principles of number magic that were originally practiced by the followers of Pythagoras. Yes, that’s the same Pythagoras who you might remember from the Pythagorean Theorem of geometry: between working on mathematical ratios, he was fascinated by the magical and mystical properties of numbers, and did much of the work that was later refined into the modern principles of numerology. But Pythagorean numerology is not the only game in town. There’s another, older form of numerology that you may not have heard of: Chaldean numerology. Developed by the ancient Babylonians (Chaldea is a Greek name for the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where Babylonian culture flourished at the dawn of recorded history) this numerology is older and more complex than Pythagoras’ more straightforward system. So what are the differences and what can Chaldean numerology do for you? Responsive Name Numbers Unlike Pythagorean numerology, which assigns you a fixed number based on your full birth name regardless of nicknames or name changes, the number of your name in Chaldean numerology is based on the name you are currently known by. If you haven’t…


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