Top Tarot Cards for Improving Your Education

The tarot cards are useful tools for helping you find answers to a wide variety of questions you may have. Did you know that they can help point you in directions about your education as well? Whether you’re going through a major career transition or are considering advancing to college or a graduate program, here are a few cards that may come up in your next professional tarot reading to help point you in the right direction. Eight of Pentacles The image on the Eight of Pentacles is typically of a person bent over a specific task, possibly even rubbing their chin as they study the object in their hands. Any time the Eight of Pentacles appears in a reading about your career or college education, it’s a sign of perfecting a new skill. You’re ready to take on a new task and that opportunity will be coming your way shortly. The Heirophant As the ultimate teacher card, the Heirophant is a sure signal in any spread that learning is headed your way. It’s time to prepare yourself for a new way of thinking, possibly indicating a change in your study habits, a change in your major or taking on a completely new career path. The Fool Often misunderstood, the…

Should You Consult a Numerologist Before Naming Your Baby?

The act of bringing a new life into the world is one of true beauty and wonder. After all, the miracle of birth is fundamental to the survival of our species. There’s a reason why we treat it with such reverence. If you are expecting a child soon, one of the most important decisions you have to make is what they will be called. After all, the name you give your child will define them throughout the rest of their lives. With that in mind, have you considered whether or not you should see a numerologist about their name before settling? If it’s been on your mind, you might feel pretty torn. Is it a good idea or just a waste of time? Below, we’re going to help you ask yourself a few questions that should ease you into determining your answer. You’ll be able to decide whether to name them by the numbers or not after these three questions. Do You Want to Try and Determine Their Path? Before you can make a decision about their name, you have to ask yourself what your goal in consulting a numerologist about their name is. Is it because you want them to have a powerful name? Do you want to try…

How Numerology Can Help You in Your Everyday Life

The art of numerology can be difficult for some beginners. Everything in life has a number connected to it, and numerologists spend their time trying to find those numbers in order to figure out how to make life easier for them and their clients. If numerology is something you’re thinking about taking up, here are a few good examples of how this new age practice can help you in your everyday life. Numerology Can Help with Money Issues Money is a constant and important issue in just about everyone’s life. Most of the time when a person visits a psychic or numerologist, the topic of money ends up coming up. A person might want to know whether or not they are going to get a new and better job soon, they might be curious about an upcoming promotion, or might just generally want to know what a more steady flow of money will be coming their way. With numerology, the answers to all of these questions can be easily answered. By using numerology as a guide when facing issues with money, a person might find themselves leaving a reading with a better peace of mind or a more clear direction of what they need to do to fix their problems.…

Can Numerology Work on Pets?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who go overboard with their pets and those who do not. There are many different types of pet owners, but they can usually be categorized into either a casual or fanatic pet owner. If you’re more on the casual side, you probably understand fanatic pet owners as the kinds who dress up their dogs, throw them birthday parties, and treat them with more consideration and kid gloves than most mothers would their children. Many pet owners are proud of their fanaticism and prefer to treat pets like this, which is fine as long as there isn’t any abuse going on. In the same vein as throwing a pet a birthday party, every animal DOES have a birthdate, whether it’s something you celebrate or not. Some pet owners do like to mark the occasion with a special treat, others invite the neighborhood to a pet bash, and others don’t even remember when it is. Knowing a pet’s date of birth can give you astrological insight into their personalities and demeanors, just like humans with their own dates of birth. At least, this is the case, isn’t it? And if so, does factoring your pets birthdate into a numerology chart move you…


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