Using Numerology to Help You Choose a Career

Numerology can help you understand truths about yourself – not just your personality, but also the ways in which the vibrations of your name and birthdate prime you to interact with the world. Your career is one of the most important parts of your life. After all, you’ll spend most of your waking hours through most of your adult life working at the career you choose. You don’t want to pick a livelihood that clashes with the essential numbers contained in your name and birthdate. That will set you up for dissatisfaction, failure and frustration in the workplace. Instead, before choosing a career or deciding on a change in career path, check with a numerologist to find the type of career that suits your profile the best. The numbers affecting your life work together to influence your ideal career path and what you personally need for a fulfilling career. Here are some general suggestions to get you looking in the right direction! One This is the “leadership” number. Ones should seek out careers where they can be the decision maker, the leader, and the risk-taker. If you’re a One, you’ll do well as an executive or an entrepreneur. Two Twos are great team players who don’t mind not always being…

Karmic Debt: Numerology Reveals If It’s Dragging You Down

Birthdays and names are key components to numerology, but truth is it can reveal insights to times even earlier. The way we begin in this life is born from previous lives. Through numerology, we can sometimes learn more about the errors of our past lives. They come up sometimes when karmic debt numbers appear. There are four of them, and should they turn up in calculations of numbers a psychic must take them into account. Each number has its own nuance, and needs a different approach. From here, you can grow and gain more fulfillment from this life. They aren’t bad luck or a curse upon this life, but instead a guidepost. The Four Numbers 13: 3 is a number of joy and decadence, but 13 comes from excess. This reveals a problem of your past to be sloth. You didn’t work hard enough, and it brought you down. In the face of problems, ignorance and apathy are the most dangerous reactions. The answer to this is a matter of turning things around. Buckle down and work hard in this life. With any luck, you’ll see the results of this growth in no time at all. 14: Freedom is a precious gift in whatever form it manifests. Misusing it, though…


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