What to Do When You Lose Contact with Your Psychic

Losing contact with your psychic can be a terrifying thing. If you only had contact with your psychic online, and they suddenly disappear, you may start to assume that they were just pretending all along. If this happens, you will begin to lose your trust in psychics and their gifts. This can lead to a terrible effect on your wellbeing and your trust in people who are there to help you. This is why you should always try to remain calm, and think logically if you ever lose contact with your psychic. There is a chance that you may be overreacting, or that you may not being thinking clearly about the situation. Try Not to Panic The last thing you should do when you lose contact with your psychic is panic. Panicking will cause you to make terrible decisions. You may rush out to find another psychic, but this may not be in your best interest. When you’re panicking, you aren’t thinking clearly, and you may end up finding someone who is just posing as a psychic. This will obviously cost you to lose money paying someone who doesn’t really have a gift. Instead of panicking, try to think about what may have happened to your psychic. They could have…

Using Numerology to Help You Choose a Career

Numerology can help you understand truths about yourself – not just your personality, but also the ways in which the vibrations of your name and birthdate prime you to interact with the world. Your career is one of the most important parts of your life. After all, you’ll spend most of your waking hours through most of your adult life working at the career you choose. You don’t want to pick a livelihood that clashes with the essential numbers contained in your name and birthdate. That will set you up for dissatisfaction, failure and frustration in the workplace. Instead, before choosing a career or deciding on a change in career path, check with a numerologist to find the type of career that suits your profile the best. The numbers affecting your life work together to influence your ideal career path and what you personally need for a fulfilling career. Here are some general suggestions to get you looking in the right direction! One This is the “leadership” number. Ones should seek out careers where they can be the decision maker, the leader, and the risk-taker. If you’re a One, you’ll do well as an executive or an entrepreneur. Two Twos are great team players who don’t mind not always being…

Should You Trust a Free Tarot Reading?

There are heaps of psychic and Tarot sites that seem to be shouting about their free services from the rooftops. It seems too good to be true, since we usually associate professional readings with high cost. Unfortunately, there’s no benefit that comes from spending your time getting free readings. Here’s the scoop on what free tarot card readings are really all about. Why Free Tarot Readings Are Free If you’re browsing the Web for psychic services and come across a site advertising free tarot card readings, it’s tempting to indulge. What’s the harm, after all, if it’s free? Typically, there is no actual damage done by getting a free reading, but you won’t gain anything either. No real Tarot expert could afford to give their time away endlessly to strangers who want to “sample” their services with a free reading. Instead, these “readings” are just a generator spitting out three random card images with brief descriptions of the generalized meaning of each individual card. If you want more detail, you’ll have to click a contact button and start paying up. Free readings aren’t really readings, and they don’t give actual answers to your questions. Without a live reader present or extensive knowledge of Tarot yourself, you’re going to struggle finding…

How to Tell if a Psychic is Legit by Looking at Their Website

If you’re looking into having your first psychic session, you’re going to want to do a little research before you settle on a reader. You wouldn’t walk onto the lot of a car dealer without looking up information about the kind of car you’d want to buy, after all, so why not be just as smart about your psychic? Thankfully with how widespread the use of the internet is, you don’t have to go far to find out what you need. Taking a quick peek at your psychic’s website should tell you all you need to know. Make Sure They Have One A psychic that doesn’t have a website at all should be a big red flag. This could mean several things, but the worst case scenarios involve them being a fraud of some kind. Someone who doesn’t want to put down roots in the community isn’t going to invest in a virtual shingle where people they may have scammed in other cities could easily find them, and readers who are just there to rip you off for a quick buck aren’t going to want to be connected to any kind of permanent name. So first things first: make sure your psychic has a website before you move forward with…

How to Find Quickly Find a Reliable Psychic When You’re in a Crisis

For centuries, people have been turning to the practices of the occult when they fall on hard times. People believed that certain psychic tools such as the Tarot, rune stones, and crystals could help them find a way out of a crisis or help them understand why something bad was happening to them. While dialing “911” has replaced the way people used to go to psychics in an emergency, plenty of people will still turn to the occult when dealing with a crisis because they believe that they may find answers that way. If you’re the kind of person who often seeks alternative solutions over conventional ones, you may find the concept of turning to a psychic in a crisis a comforting one. But the real question you’ll be facing is just how to find a reliable psychic during a time of crisis. Search for the Type of Psychic You Want If you’re willing to go to a psychic when you’re dealing with a crisis, you’ve likely dealt with psychics before. If this is the case, you probably already know what kind of psychic reading you’d like to have done. This means that if you need to search quickly for a psychic, you can do so through by searching the…


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