How Numerology Can Help You Overcome Life’s Obstacles

If you’re sick of feeling like every day is a struggle and that the world is out to get you, practicing monthly, weekly, and even daily numerology can help you turn things around and set you back on the path to happiness. Numerology is the study of numbers and their meanings, and how they come into play in our lives. The results are very personalized, and typically based specifically on your birthday. Depending on the questions you’re trying to answer and what fields you’re looking at, different equations will come up along the way. You can use numerology books and Internet guides to help you figure out the meanings of the nine numerological digits (1-9), how they affect you, and what questions you can ask to properly use numerology to overcome life’s obstacles. Finding Your Current Yearly Cycle You can figure out what your personal number for the year is with some simple addition. All you need to know if your birthday and birth month, and the current year. You can use this same equation to figure out any year in the past or future if you need to do some reflecting or planning ahead. Remember that numerology requires that you work out every equation until only a single digit…

Finding Your Perfect Partner with Numerology

One of the biggest questions that everyone has for any system of divination is about love. It’s a force of great power, and it can be hard to be sure when someone’s right for you, especially when your own heart gets involved. Can numerology help you navigate the shoals of romance? Yes, it can – whether you have a partner in mind or not! Numerology and Romance Even if you don’t know someone’s birth date or their Life Path number, we subconsciously sense the energy surrounding those we meet. You may find yourself always in disharmony with certain people, or drawn to closer relationships with others. Learning more about your personal numerological vibrations can help you understand why you react badly to some people, letting you improve harmony in your work or family relationships, and it can also help you understand why you feel strong attractions to others. Thanks to the rise of online dating, it’s much easier to discover the information you need to determine someone else’s number before making a decision about dating them – birthdays and names are often freely available on profiles. Numerology and Compatibility That initial “spark” of attraction isn’t all there is to a good romance. Numerology can also help guide you towards people…

Decisions a Psychic Reading Can Help You to Make

Different people have different ways of dealing with the tough choices that life throws their way. For example, some people will seek out therapy from a trained professional. Others will prefer to meditate and think extensively on the issue. Some people might seek aid in the form of a psychic reading. This last example, though it may seem a little odd, is actually one of the oldest forms of problem solving known. People have been turning to the spiritual and the occult for guidance for centuries. While it may seem a little out of place in this day and age, it is still a common occurrence for many people. If you’re someone who believes in psychic readings or even if you’re someone who just would like to try a different approach to finding a path through life, there can be no harm in getting a psychic reading done in order to help you make an important decision. However, before you do so, you’ll need to understand that a psychic reading can’t help you answer every kind of decision. Questions of Love Different types of readings are going to deliver different types of results. For example, people often turn to the Tarot in order to see what the future holds for…


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