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The layout is honestly quite painful to look at, and is even worse to navigate - when the site actually loads, that is. These issues combined make for low customer traffic, and a lack of interested psychics.

iFate.com’s layout is just not good. That’s something that does need to be said right away, because one glance at this layout is enough to honestly make your eyes hurt.

It’s that bad.

The layout is all bright blue and bright green, with intensely tiny text. This is enough to make even someone experienced go running, because it’s just that hard to look at.

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Because of this, we can only imagine this site really does suffer automatically from traffic issues. Minus a ton of people using the site, and professionals won’t stick.

This is why the site is so empty from the start, by the way. If it just doesn’t look good, then people aren’t going to use it–and that means that psychics won’t work there.

It’s no good.

This site has a slew of issues, and every single one of them can come back to that layout. It doesn’t have content, either, but even that would be hard to access here.

These issues are compounded by the really juvenile graphics that they have all over the site, and the sheer lack of professionals that this site does try to recruit in the first place.

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Overall, this is a site that needs a lot of tweaking to actually be considered decent. It just doesn’t meet the basic criteria from the start, and we weren’t fond of that.

The Numbers Aren’t at the Top

During our stay and thorough exploration of our iFate rating, we were not at all happy with our findings. This is a site that just doesn’t quite hit the mark for us at all.

It’s not enough for you.

This site’s screening process is really not that thorough, which is the first leg of all of their problems. We could only end up handing out a 2 out of 10 rating for this site.

They also just don’t have a lot of available psychics here. We can imagine this has a lot to do with the layout, so we found that a rating of 2.5 out of 10 was as good as it would get.

The customer service here is pretty awful, and honestly, it takes over a week to get a reply. The final rating we handed out here was only a 2 out of 10 during our review.

These Site Features Miss the Mark

The whole of the iFate numerology site is a disappointment, and it starts with a lack of content. Once you look past the layout, there’s not much else that this site has for you.

That’s disappointing.

The lack of content means that they really push automated readings as well, which means that the lack of personalization here is ultimately going to kill the accuracy.

Because of this, the accuracy rating that we were able to give this site was only a 2.5 out of 10, which means that you’re going to find it very unlikely that your readings will be any good.

They also demand very high prices for their pretty low quality services. The average price per minute that we found on this site was at $2.50, which is just plain too high.

These Site Resources Can’t Function

This site’s numerology page is honestly quite lacking: http://www.ifate.com/numerology_index.html

This site’s store is just not going to give you anything useful: http://www.ifate.com/store.html

This sitemap isn’t going to help your situation here: http://www.ifate.com/sitemap.html

Trying to contact this site isn’t ever going to help you: http://www.ifate.com/contactus.html

iFate.com: Nothing Special Here in the Way of Numerology Readings

Nothing about iFate.com really sung to us, and it just didn’t end up hitting any of our standards. This is a site that desperately needs to be amped up and cleaned up.

It’s not good right now.

This site has such a horrible layout that it’s honestly pretty shocking, and from there, it just kind of devolves into an empty, boring site that no one wants to use at all.

The lack of psychics here is a real problem, because if you want a real numerology reading, then you’re probably not going to be able to get it at any real point.

We found ourselves continuously disappointed by this site and what it just didn’t have to offer you. You aren’t going to end up wanting to come back and spend time here.

Forget it.

Instead of spending time on a site like this one, you should be checking out our number one site online for numerology readings, and that site is Kasamba.com. It rocks.

With our number one site, it shouldn’t be a huge challenge for you to find a numerology reader that you can really trust. You deserve to have that kind of connection.

The right reader means that you’ve acquired your own psychic guru, and you can really and honestly just keep coming right back to them whenever you need their advice.

It’s worth it.

A great reading site is going to be worth its weight in gold, and trust us–that’s why we always are using them. This is the kind of thing that can change your life around.

With accurate readings and affordable prices, our number one site is going to be able to take you along the best walk of your life’s path that you’ve ever had. We’re sure of it.

Check it out!


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