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The layout definitely wasn't designed with ease of use in mind, and you'll likely need to break out a magnifying glass to even get around. Beyond that, the psychic staff is limited and overpriced.

Decoz.com is a site that’s going to immediately make a newbie squint. The layout isn’t good, and it’s full of such horrible tiny text that it’s necessary to immediately zoom the page up.

That’s no fun.

This site in particular seems to think that a lot of seafoam blue and tiny text makes for a great, alluring site, but trust us–that’s simply not the case at all, no matter the audience.

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This is a site that just can’t quite compete in terms of layout when it comes to navigation, either, because it’s very hard for you to even find where they have the psychics here.

This lack of care towards customer usability is something that has been dragging this site down for awhile, we imagine. It doesn’t have the traffic that it should for a reading site.

It’s pretty empty.

When a site gets to the point of being this empty, you have to wonder what else is going on underneath all of the issues that you can see on the outside, and we don’t like that.

screen Decoz overlay

For numerology reading site s that can really come through, try our top-rated options.

There’s not a huge push for them to hire new psychics, either, which is another contributor to why a lot of professionals just aren’t around on this site and working.

The lack of psychics and the lack of information in general makes for a site that most newbies aren’t going to want to stick around on. It just doesn’t hit the mark for us.

The Numbers Really Suck

We weren’t terribly happy with our Decoz rating, and the more that we sunk our teeth into the site, the less that we saw here that could really end up impressing us.

It wasn’t good.

During our stay here, we tried to look into their screening process, which wasn’t very well outlined at all. We could only end up giving this site a 5.5 out of 10 in general.

The other issue here is the lack of psychic availability. There’s just not a lot psychics to go around, and most of them are extreme generalists. We could only rate it a 5.5 out of 10.

Finally, the customer service just doesn’t work out for us. It’s pretty slow and laggy, and that means that you’ll have to wait for responses. We could only rate it a 5.5 out of 10.

These Site Features Just Suck

The Decoz numerology site isn’t exactly the destination for numerology readings, we found. This site has a lot of automated readings, and not much else beyond that.

It’s disappointing.

If you’re looking for a site that’s flush with information and really pushing to give you some results, you’re going to need to start looking on another website for sure.

There aren’t a lot of available psychics, and there are way too many automated readings here, which contributes to our low accuracy rating of only 5 out of 10 here.

This is a site that also just has high prices set, and it doesn’t seem to be changing that any time soon. We found that the average price per minute was at $2.00.

These Site Resources Aren’t Good in the Slightest

If you want solid customer service, you won’t find it here: http://decoz.com/numerology-customer-service.html

Their book reviews are really not going to help you out: http://decoz.com/BookReviews.htm

With this site, you won’t find a ton of information about the psychics: http://decoz.com/aboutdecoz.htm

This site’s about page isn’t going to help you out at all: http://decoz.com/k_about.htm

Decoz.com: Not Really the Top with Numerology Readings Online

There’s really not much about the Decoz.com site that we could enjoy, and that doesn’t seem to be changing at any point in the future. This site needs a lot of work.

It’s not good enough.

We really did try to enjoy this site, but when the layout starts off on a bad foot and everything else follows, it’s just a disappointing venture in every single way for us.

We had a hard time justifying this site even with a money-back guarantee to back us up, because customer service seems slow enough that we aren’t sure about getting a reliable refund.

They just don’t have enough psychics to go around here. It makes for a very disappointing site overall, and it’s not one that we’d want to go back to at any point soon.

Skip it.

Instead of wasting your time here, you should be checking out our number one site for numerology readings online, which is Kasamba.com. It’s our personal favorite.

We’ve tested this site thoroughly, and we’ve really determined that it’s the best. If you want to be able to have a psychic guru that you can trust, you’ll be able to find one there.

You deserve a site that’s going to connect you to the best psychics online, and we know that our number one site can do just that. You just need to be able to check it out.

Don’t miss out on it.

A great psychic reading site is one that you should immediately gravitate towards, and fortunately, we’ve already done the heavy lifting of finding out the best one.

Check it out, and you’ll quickly be able to see what it can do for you. It’s the best of the best, and it’s the site that you need to give a shot from the very beginning, so go for it.

Good luck.


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