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The sparse, bland layout does first impressions no favors, and the site just goes downhill from there. Their psychic screening process is quite lacking, however, staffing numbers still suffer.

Crystalinks.com isn’t exactly going to impress anyone with their layout, that’s for sure. This site is all white background, some black text, and a few grainy images for the most part.

It could use an update.

When a site doesn’t present well with its layout, that’s a sign that it really does need an upgrade. This site is definitely among those, and it just doesn’t seem to get better.

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This site also just doesn’t have a ton of content. You’d think that it would at least push to bring in more customers with some articles or a blog, but that’s not the case.

This site just doesn’t really focus on the customer side of things, and that always has to start with appearances. That’s why this site’s traffic is slow and really waning.

That’s no good.

Minus a ton of traffic, and it’s honestly no surprise that this site is just lacking when it comes to available psychics. Why would they want to stick around on this site?

That’s why this is a site that’s just not going to end up resonating for a lot of newbies. It’s expensive and sparse, and it doesn’t even try to have a lot of psychic options.

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Get yourself to a numerology reading site that can deliver with our comprehensive site rankings.

If you want solid numerology options, chances are this isn’t going to be a site that really hits the nail on the head. Instead, it’s going to end up being a frustrating venture.

The Numbers Aren’t Nice

Our Crystalinks rating was an unfortunate mess, and that’s because this particular site just didn’t even try to really bring it in the way of informative articles or content.

That’s less than appealing.

This site didn’t make up for it in quality psychics, either. Their screening process is really lacking, and we had no choice but to end up rating this site a poor 4 out of 10.

They also just don’t have a ton of available psychics, no matter how lax their screening is. We found that we could only hand out a rating of a 4 out of 10 with this one.

This is another site that also is lacking in customer support, and it takes closer to a week to get a reply than anything. Our rating could only rest at a 4 out of 10 because of that.

These Site Features Aren’t Good

As we further investigated the Crystalinks numerology site, we were really not that pleased with what we found…or honestly, what we just plain didn’t find at all here.

It’s empty.

This site doesn’t just lack in content, but it also lacks in available psychics. They seem to have one lead psychic here, and a lot of associates that are mostly amateurs.

This means that automated readings are also encouraged here, so the accuracy is going to drop no matter what is done. We could only rate this site a 4 out of 10 on accuracy.

The price also isn’t exactly going to promote quality here. The final average of the cost per minute here was at $2.50, which is obviously quite high and not acceptable.

These Site Resources Aren’t Good For You

Trying to contact this particular site is just a headache: http://www.crystalinks.com/contact.html

If you want to advertise here, you’re wasting your time: http://www.crystalinks.com/advertise_crystalinks.html

This particular site’s book is really not worth it: http://www.crystalinks.com/sabook.html

Their blog is going to not keep you updated at all: http://www.crystalinks.com/elliesworld.html

Crystalinks.com: Just Not Good Enough for Your Numerology Readings

There’s simply nothing about Crystalinks.com that you can’t find somewhere else, but even better. This is a site that is really lacking when it comes to quality information.

It’s not good enough.

When a site is lacking content, there’s not much appealing for any newbies that are coming to also learn about numerology readings as much as they are to receive them.

This means that in general, this is a site that’s just plain not going to end up hitting the mark for you. You’ll never get an accurate reading with a site like this one.

You’ll also find that they don’t seem to have a money back guarantee, so you would be wise to not even take a risk. This site just doesn’t quite provide what you want.

Forget it.

Instead of wasting your time on a site like this one, you should be checking out our number one site online for numerology readings, and that site is Kasamba.com.

It’s the best of the best, and our results have proven that. With an excellent site, you’ll quickly be able to find out that your life’s path is much easier to understand overall.

It’s not going to be difficult for you to find a real psychic guru on a site like this one. We know, because we use this site all the time on our own personal situations.

It’s worth it.

With a solid numerology reading site underneath your belt, you’ll really be able to go forward with much more confidence in life, and in the choices that you’ll be making.

Check it out, and you’ll be able to see a difference. We did, and we aren’t ever going to look back to sites that just can’t help us connect to a real psychic online now.

Good luck!


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