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A clunky, outdated layout greets you, and the first impressions only get worse. There simply aren't enough psychics to go around, and if you do get an audience, you'll wind up paying premium prices.

The first issue that you’re going to see with CherrySage.com is the fact that the layout is really, really dated. This isn’t exactly going to be appealing to anyone involved.

It’s ugly.

An ugly site that gives a poor first impression isn’t the kind of site that anyone’s going to want to sink their teeth into, and we certainly didn’t want to stick around on here.

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This is the kind of site that’s going to make a lot of newbies wonder if all psychic sites will be like this in the future, and this one certainly does try to push that impression.

For numerology readings, you can do a lot better. This site doesn’t have a ton of options available for you, and it certainly doesn’t seem to care about expanding any time soon.

That sucks.

This site just doesn’t have a strong, informative presence, either. They really focus on bringing in a lot of newbies into the fold with information that can be found anywhere.

This is something that’s going to be wholly unappealing to anyone that hasn’t used a lot of psychic sites in the past, and they’ll probably be put off of using them in general.

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Real and reliable numerology reading site s exist, and our rankings are here to show you to them.

We weren’t happy here, and we can’t imagine you will be, either. The look of the site is just part of it–the fact that it can’t follow through really just seals the sad deal.

The Numbers Miss the Mark

We were really not that happy with our CherrySage rating, and that’s because the more that we dug into this site, the less we were able to find anything that was nice to say.

It’s not great.

With this particular site, we were really not impressed by their screening process. Just about anyone can join up by the likes of it, with few standards, so we rated it a 6 out of 10.

The other issue is that there aren’t many available psychics. Cherry is the main psychic here, and her associates are sometimes around. We only rated it a 6 out of 10.

The customer service is overall lacking. It’s very hard to get someone to reply to you here, so we were only able to hand out a 6 out of 10 rating during our stay on this site.

These Site Features Just Don’t Deliver

Finding reliable information on the CherrySage numerology site is pretty difficult, and finding something to do other than wait around for a reading is also a task and a half.

It’s boring.

This site mostly relies on a ton of outdated information to get you through the day, which isn’t something that a ton of newbies are going to want to sit around for.

We weren’t happy with the number of psychics or their lack of specialties, either. We could only end up handing out a 6 out of 10 accuracy rating for this site because of it.

Unfortunately, the price is also far from right. We were not happy with our $2.30 average per minute here, which is something that can end up really breaking the bank.

These Site Resources Can’t Work

This particular psychic isn’t going to offer you a ton of info: http://www.cherrysage.com/meetpsychicsage.html

If you’re hunting for more links, you won’t find them here: http://www.cherrysage.com/links/links.html

With their privacy policy, you shouldn’t expect much: http://www.cherrysage.com/privacypolicy.htm

Their disclaimer is honestly something of a laugh to read: http://www.cherrysage.com/disclaimer.htm

CherrySage.com: When it Comes to Numerology Readings, Just Miss It

Overall, CherrySage.com is a numerology reading site that’s just not going to hit the nail on the head. This site has a lot of issues that aren’t quite adding up for us overall.

It needs work.

This site’s main problems start with a poorly done layout that just isn’t up to speed with this century. It needs to clean up that act and then maybe it’ll be more appealing.

From a bad first impression, this site hops onto having a lack of information as a general rule, and just not having a strong, reliable base in psychics using this site, either.

This makes a fairly frustrating environment for newbies coming along, and not exactly the kind of place that anyone’s ever going to want to spend a ton of time online.

You can do better.

You’ll quickly find yourself frustrated with this particular site, and that’s why you need to run on and check out our number one site instead, which is Kasamba.com.

You deserve an excellent chance of finding a psychic guru that you can trust, and with solid numerology readings online, this is a site that can give you all that you want.

It really can deliver you to a psychic reader that it hits it out of the park, and it’s the site that we personally use. You can’t skip out on an excellent opportunity like that.

Check it out.

Our number one site is designed to give you everything that you want in one place. You deserve to be able to check out a great site with a great price attached to it.

We’ve found that for you, and we know that it’s only a matter of time before you keep finding excellent psychics there that you can go to even on a daily basis if you want.

Don’t miss out on it!


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