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It really puts forth an air of professionalism, from its well-designed layout to its well-staffed team of psychic professionals. You'll find that they're serious about giving you real, insightful guidance. sports a very trendy, bright layout that looks extremely professional. This is what ends up bringing a ton of professionals to it in the first place.

It’s a solid site.

This site looks like it was made for professional psychics to come and connect to customers, and that’s exactly the vibe that you’re going to get whenever you’re using it, too.

CTA image CaliforniaPsychics

They’re very strict about who they hire, and that means that you’re going to get a solid experience here every single time. They don’t mess around in their hiring overall.

You’ll be able to relax here with their customer service, too, because they are very concerned with taking care of you. This is a site that you can definitely trust during your stay.

The Numbers Are Promising

Our CaliforniaPsychics rating was a pleasure to complete, and that’s because this is a site that’s going to really push you to the top of customer service and professional experience.

imgcap overlay CaliforniaPsychics

With service this solid, you’ll get the guidance and insight you need, guaranteed. Try it today at CaliforniaPsychics

They’ve got your back.

The screening process here is quite tough, which we were very happy to see while we were using it. We were able to give this site an 8 out of 10 rating overall for that.

They also always have a good number of available psychics around on this site, which is something that you will appreciate. We rated this site an 8 out of 10 for that.

Finally, the customer service here is pretty speedy, with few blips along the way. Our final rating for our experiences here was a respectable 7.5 out of 10 in general.

Get Your Readings Going With These Questions

Question #1: “I’ve been considering a move to the coast because I’ve always been drawn to the beach. Do you think that’s something that the numbers agree with?”

Answer #1: “By the looks of it, your support of the beach does seem to be connected to your numerology charts. Let’s further review other changes you could make.”

Question #2: “I’ve been wondering if it would be more prudent for me to go up to school in the north or stay where I am. What do the stars seem to say about me here?”

Answer #2: “In general, it looks like there aren’t too many changes in the near future for you, which means that you’re probably better off staying right where you are.”

Site Features That Made Our Stay Easy

Our CaliforniaPsychics numerology site review was a pleasure to complete, and that’s because this particular site really does focus on a professional atmosphere overall.

That stands out.

This site is extremely focused on keeping their psychics professional and courteous, and this bleeds through into their solid customer service provided as well.

Because of this, you’ll find that their readings are, as a rule, more accurate. This is why we were able to give this site an accuracy rating of a solid 8 out of 10 during our review.

We were also pretty happy with the pricing here. On average, you’re only going to end up paying a total of $1.70 per minute on this site, which is pretty darn affordable.

Is There Room for Improvement?

There’s always something to nitpick, even on the best numerology reading sites out there. This site is pretty close to perfect, but there were just a couple of issues we found.

It can be very busy.

This site is obviously quite popular, which means that it’s going to end up being weighed down in general by the people that are using it at any point. It needs better servers.

This particular site is going to need some upgrades if it wants to keep up its great reputation, especially when it comes to fast and speedy customer service. They could use more reps.

With all of these improvements in mind, this site can only end up growing in the future. Hopefully, they’ll buckle down and tackle these few issues that we found here.

Site Contacts and Resources

This particular site has a very solid contact method:” target=”_blank”>

Their Facebook can help you stay in the know more often: CaliforniaPsychics” target=”_blank”>

Don’t skip their Twitter for even more updates than before:

Their YouTube is another solid source of information for you:

With on Your Side for Numerology Readings, You’ll Be Golden

During our stay with, we were very pleased with our results. This is a numerology reading site that you can really trust, so make sure to check it out.

It really works.

This site has a very professional mood and it stays that way the entire time that you’re here. That’s something that’s a huge plus, and you’ll really be able to enjoy that.

This isn’t the only site that can really deliver, however. With our excellent review of, you’ll quickly be able to see why it’s our number one every single time.

This is a great site and you’ll definitely be able to find reliable psychics here. By using both of these sites, you’re going to be guaranteed to find an excellent experience.

Good luck!


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