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While the layout is decent, there's a severe lack of content and a severe lack of advertising - that means customers don't find the site, and the psychics on staff have no reason to join, either.

3ho.org is actually a fairly decent site, design-wise. It unfortunately stops there in terms of content, because the site itself is not well-fleshed out in terms of actual information.

It’s unfortunate.

While the first impression might honestly be fairly decent here, that’s literally as far as it’s going to go. This site just can’t really compete in terms of giving newbies a solid start.

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Any sort of information that you need isn’t going to be found here if you’re a complete newbie when it comes to actual numerology reading info, which is unfortunate.

You’re going to find yourself frustrated on a site like this one, because it’s such a big design flaw that it’s clearly keeping away a lot of professionals from using the site, too.

That’s no good.

The traffic is pretty dull and dead here because there’s just not much of anything to do, and because of this, there aren’t a lot of professionals that want to work here.

This means that for the most part, this site is going to heavily push automated readings, which is a big issue in terms of getting you the accurate readings that you need.

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Don’t settle for less. With our top-rated numerology reading site s lined up and ready to go, you’ll never need to seek elsewhere.

You’ll be burnt out on this site sooner rather than later if they don’t push for a number of improvements soon, and that’s not something that you want to deal with at all.

The Numbers Are a Hot Mess

During our 3ho rating, we were really unhappy with what little we were able to uncover with this site. It honestly just doesn’t have a ton to offer most of its visitors here.

That’s no fun at all.

All of the problems start with the screening process here, which is honestly just not up to par. This site lets just about anyone work here, so we could only rate it a 3.5 out of 10.

This site also doesn’t have a lot of push to keep around psychics. The available psychics that you’ll find here are rarely the same, and so we only rated it a 4 out of 10.

The customer service is lacking here as well. In general, you’ll find that they just take forever to get back to you, and we could only end up rating this site a 3.5 out of 10.

These Site Features Can’t Work

The more time that we spent on the 3ho numerology site, the more we realized that it’s just lacking in very basic content. They’re recycling the stuff you already know.

That’s not good for you.

If you want to find a lot of accurate readers, you also won’t find them here. There’s a lot of focus on automation, and a lot of focus on amateurs joining up here.

This means that our accuracy rating really did suffer here, and that’s not a surprise to us. We could only give this site an accuracy rating of a 4 out of 10 during our review.

The price is also far too high for the quality that you’ll receive here. On average, you’re going to find yourself paying a total of $1.89 per minute, which is just far too much.

These Site Resources Just Fail

This site’s store is really not going to help you on updates: http://www.3ho.org/store

If you want to give donations, you won’t find many reasons to do so here: https://www.3ho.org/donation/give

This site’s disclaimer gives us a headache, mostly, so watch out: http://www.3ho.org/disclaimer

This particular site is very, very hard to contact, so be aware: http://www.3ho.org/feedback

3ho.org: Skip for Numerology Readings Online

During our stay on 3ho.org, we were just not impressed by what we found. This site needs a lot of work, and it’s frankly just not good enough for our standards at all.

It’s not enough.

This site is really lacking when it comes to actual, reliable psychics, and that’s something that comes from the lack of traffic. Professionals don’t want to work here.

Between a lack of information and content, and an honest lack of advertising, this is a site that’s not going to really end up appealing to anyone that wants a good reading.

For a solid numerology reading, you’re going to need to go elsewhere. There’s just nothing about this site that even comes close to giving you the content that you want.

Skip it.

With a site like this one, you’re just never going to get what you want. That’s why you need to check out our number one site for numerology readings, and that’s Kasamba.com.

It’s the best of the best, and we’ve proven that ten times out of ten. This is the site that’s going to really give you everything that you want from a psychic guru online.

If you want a specialist that you can really trust, then you’ll be able to find them on a site like this one. It’s only a matter of time before you find a psychic you can connect to.

Don’t miss out.

If you have a solid psychic reader, then you’ll definitely be able to make progress along the path of life that you have before you. That’s what this site can give you for sure.

It’s the best site out there, and between everything that it has to offer and your own knowledge that our guide has passed along, you’ll be more than ready to progress.

Good luck!


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