Why You Should Find a Real Numerologist, Not a Calculator

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to find automatic calculators for every type of divination under the sun. You can generate your full birth chart or your Life Number just by entering a few fields into an online form. It’s a great way to get started when you’re first trying to understand your personal vibrations or seeking the guiding planets in your chart, but those simple “starter” calculations aren’t all that numerology can offer you! The number that an online calculator might give you is as relevant to your life as the simple sun sign meanings are. In other words, while it holds some importance, it’s by no means the whole story. For an in-depth reading that can illuminate deeper aspects of your personal numbers and their effects on your life, there is nothing that beats a professional numerologist.

Not Just One Number

Your name can provide one number for your life; your first and last names, taken separately, can reveal others. Your day, month, year and hour of birth all illuminate different aspects that influence your personality and your potential. Even if you use calculators to determine these numbers individually, it can be difficult to truly judge what their interactions can mean. An experienced numerologist can explain the nuance of the different numbers in your name and birthdate, and how they interact to produce different vibrations than someone who may superficially share your Life Path number.

Just as your sun sign might not tell the whole story, the Life Path number that an online calculator can give you won’t delve into that complexity. Computers can’t yet go as far as a living expert. If you’re interested in what lies beyond the basic number, you can gain new understanding from a numerologist.

Calculators Won’t Answer Questions

Are you curious about your compatibility with a loved one? The ideal career to suit your personal numbers? Or do you want to know what implications the current year and month might have? Those are things that a simple calculator can’t give you. Don’t waste your time on online articles focusing on the meanings of your Life Path numbers with regards to love or business. Most of them give different recommendations, and they’re hardly personalized – they may suit someone who fits the “typical” example of a certain number, but within each number lies greater complexity and meaning. If you aren’t the archetypal 1, then business or love advice aimed at the archetype will miss the mark for you.

Calculators can be great tools – for the basics. They’re a wonderful way to explore some of the information that numerology can offer you before you pay for a professional reading. However, they’re no substitute for a real reading. If you find that the information you get from calculators and descriptions of Life Path number meanings is interesting, but too vague or generalized to be meaningful to you, a professional numerology reading might be exactly what you’re looking for. Give it a try – you may be surprised by how much you will discover!


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