Why Even Skeptics Should Get a Numerology Reading Done

Skeptics have always existed in society. Skepticism is a part of human nature. However, some people possess it in greater quantities than others do. Anyone who deals in the spiritual or occult is likely familiar with skepticism, particularly in this day and age. However, skepticism has not stopped many people from still seeking out practitioners to do psychic readings for them. In fact, this practice has become so popular that there are actual websites you can visit where you can get online psychic readings done. Psychic practices differ greatly from each other, and some of these practices receive more skepticism than others do. The Tarot, for example, is widely regarded by those of a skeptical nature to be nothing more than card tricks. However, with other types of divination methods, such as numerology, it is not necessarily as easy to scoff at the practice.

Numbers Are Proven

It is easy to make fun of tarot cards, mainly because they are not an exact science, nor can anyone definitely prove they work. However, with numerology, the tools used in readings are things that are inarguable: numbers. Numbers have existed since the dawn of humankind in different formats and numbers govern the world we live in. For those reasons, skeptics could regard numerology as a type of science rather than spiritual/occult mumbo-jumbo. Just because the numbers have meanings, emotions, and traits attached to them do not make them anything less than what they are. They are still the same numbers they have always been. However, through numerology, we are able to better understand the other, alternative ways that they affect people, the choices they make, and life in general.

It’s About Equations

Numerology does not rely on cards, crystals, or runes to make divinations. Instead it relies on simple equations, which is a form of science. A skeptic may claim that numerology is all about making fraudulent claims, but the fact of the matter is that numerology is about equations, the same equations that all people must learn in school. The numerical values attached to the numbers do not change; instead, there are spiritual values attached to them as well, turning the equations into something greater than can help to guide people through life.

It’s About Acceptance

No harm will come to anyone just for getting a psychic reading done, regardless of what kind of reading it is. Getting a reading done will not make you seem stupid or gullible. This is something everyone, not just skeptics, should keep in mind. Many skeptical people claim to be open-minded but are in fact not. When confronted with something of a psychic nature such as numerology they refuse to even entertain the notion. However, a true open-minded individual would not hesitate to try something new even if skeptical because it will be a new experience, something different that they can then say that they tried. Even if getting a numerological reading done does not erase their skepticism, they can still say that they made the attempt and gave it a chance.


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