When To Let A Friend Do Your Reading

Having a tarot friend is an enriching experience. It’s a lonely feeling to have an interest that nobody around you shares. This is especially the case with tarot readings, as they can be personal and important. Having someone to talk to who also knows the cards can help deepen your understanding of your own readings. From them, you can find new readers, or create new ones. When psychic enthusiasts gather, it’s not surprising when one offers to do a reading for another. If the conditions are right, this can lead to a solid bonding experience for the both of you. A poor setup, though, can lead to a botched reading and hurt feelings. Before you leave your future to your friend’s system, make sure the conditions are right to keep things good between the two of you.

You’re Ready to Listen To Them

Sometimes, the future isn’t so bright. If you’re in a time of strife, or have an upsetting change coming down the road, life ends up no fun to talk about. In these instances, turning to the cards can help provide answers. When the problem lies within yourself or something you deeply care about, these answers can be hard to hear. In this instance, having a friend as your reader can be a problem. If the cards turn up that you need to make a serious change, they must be the bearer of bad news. If you decide to get a reading from a friend, it’s important to separate them from the things they uncover in the cards. You must be ready to hear bad news from them without holding it against them.

They’re Serious

Even in casual settings, you must approach the cards with respect. This doesn’t mean you can only get readings when you’re ultra prepared and in the most professional of psychics. It just means that when you do the reading you don’t blow it off. Readings can be spontaneous, but that is borne from early study. As with any other psychic, it’s important that your friend know their stuff. Getting a bad reading from a clumsy friend can be doubly damaging, as it’s not just a matter of having picked the wrong psychic. Make sure that your friend has done their research and has a good deck to work with before going forward with a reading.

To Start a Conversation

If you’re faced with a serious problem, you need support. Unfortunately, support can sometimes be the hardest thing to ask for. It can be hard to open up to others about thing that are going on, even if they’re close friends. In this context, though, a psychic reading can ease you into the conversation with your friend. Prepare questions like you might for a reading with a professional. Once you ask them, though, the conversation will extend beyond the cards. This will introduce your friend to the problem in a couple of bite-sized worries or problems to expand upon. In instances like these, the insight provided by the cards is a bonus, compared to the bonding with a friend.


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