When Not To Let A Friend Do Your Reading

Choosing a psychic is an important decision that you must make with care. It means trusting them with your problems and following the advice from their reading. Persona problems is up to you, how much you want to disclose to find your answers. The reader, though, i responsible for bringing knowledge of the system, and all of its nuance. If there are parts of your life that are unusual, a psychic might not always pick up on them and use them in their reading. In these instances, it might be tempting to have a friend do a psychic reading for you. After all, they know you well. They know how you’d react to the various things that a reading might turn up, and fine-tune it to reflect your life. It isn’t a perfect system, though, and there are times when a friend’s reading can bring more harm than good. Before consenting to a reading by a friend, check out the situation.

When It Brings Them In

If you’re using numerology to check a relationship between you and a friend, don’t have them be the one to conduct the reading. This makes the reading personal for the psychic, and could lead to clouded judgement. It’s possible they can keep a clear head and give them a reading free of influence. How will you know for sure? Bringing a psychic into their own reading also means bringing in a human being, one with their own hopes and biases. They have much different stakes in the reading than an outside professional. While they’re doing the reading, they are also getting information which they may choose to act upon or not. If you’re looking to investigate a relationship with a psychic, it’s better to go to an outside source. This will give you an unbiased look that you can consider and act on at will. Either that, or you can just talk to the person without taking on the roles of psychic and asker.

When They’re Eager to Please

A friend as a psychic has more stake in the reading even if they aren’t the subject of the reading. After all, you’re their friend. They care about you, and want you pleased with the reading. A good friend and psychic will be able to divorce their relationship with you from the reading. If they’re inexperienced or want to please, though, things can get clouded. Consider your friend’s personality. Can they give you a clear and unbiased reading? Difficulty in doing so is not a mark against their character, but simply means that you should look elsewhere for a psychic.

When It’s a Common Thing

This is not so much a case of letting a friend do a psychic reading for you, as it is asking them for one. Whether your friend is a professional psychic or one who is nurturing their ability, take care not to abuse their talents. Asking for readings too often can make it seem like you are focusing on their abilities rather than their friendship. Take care to not ask for readings too often.


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