What to Do When You Lose Contact with Your Psychic

Losing contact with your psychic can be a terrifying thing. If you only had contact with your psychic online, and they suddenly disappear, you may start to assume that they were just pretending all along. If this happens, you will begin to lose your trust in psychics and their gifts. This can lead to a terrible effect on your wellbeing and your trust in people who are there to help you. This is why you should always try to remain calm, and think logically if you ever lose contact with your psychic. There is a chance that you may be overreacting, or that you may not being thinking clearly about the situation.

Try Not to Panic

The last thing you should do when you lose contact with your psychic is panic. Panicking will cause you to make terrible decisions. You may rush out to find another psychic, but this may not be in your best interest. When you’re panicking, you aren’t thinking clearly, and you may end up finding someone who is just posing as a psychic. This will obviously cost you to lose money paying someone who doesn’t really have a gift.

Instead of panicking, try to think about what may have happened to your psychic. They could have had a death in the family, or they may even be terribly ill. It would be cruel to start thinking that your psychic abandoned you only to discover a few weeks later that something terrible happened to them, or one of their loved ones. Do not jump to conclusions. Send your psychic a message, and give them some time to respond. While you are waiting, you may even want to try to put your focus on information that your psychic has given you in the past. Be patient, and think positive.

Slowly Start the Search for a New Psychic

If your psychic has taken their website down, and it becomes plainly obviously that you probably won’t ever talk to them again, it’s time to move on. It’s important not to rush into finding a new psychic. Give yourself some time to heal from the loss of your psychic. Start by looking up psychics and reading some reviews that other people have left about them. Don’t simply rely on reviews found a psychic’s website. Try out different psychic forums and interact with people who can give you suggestions or recommendations.

You should also remember to be open-minded. If your psychic contacts you after you’ve moved on, you may feel irritated or angry with them. However, you should remember that your psychic is only human. If you still trust your psychic, you could choose to give them a second chance. But you may want to request that they supply you with other means of contacting them in case they disappear again.

If you decide that you don’t want anything to do with your former psychic, simply tell them that you are no longer interested in their services. Stick to your guns with this, or you may end up dealing with the same thing all over again.


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