Using Numerology to Help You Choose a Career

Numerology can help you understand truths about yourself – not just your personality, but also the ways in which the vibrations of your name and birthdate prime you to interact with the world. Your career is one of the most important parts of your life. After all, you’ll spend most of your waking hours through most of your adult life working at the career you choose. You don’t want to pick a livelihood that clashes with the essential numbers contained in your name and birthdate. That will set you up for dissatisfaction, failure and frustration in the workplace. Instead, before choosing a career or deciding on a change in career path, check with a numerologist to find the type of career that suits your profile the best.

The numbers affecting your life work together to influence your ideal career path and what you personally need for a fulfilling career. Here are some general suggestions to get you looking in the right direction!


This is the “leadership” number. Ones should seek out careers where they can be the decision maker, the leader, and the risk-taker. If you’re a One, you’ll do well as an executive or an entrepreneur.


Twos are great team players who don’t mind not always being the one in charge. If you’re a Two, look for careers where you can use your diplomatic and consensus-building skills to achieve success, such as a teacher, counselor or salesperson.


As a Three, you’re creative and multi-talented. You want a career where you can express yourself fully, without the mind-numbing routine that kills your joy in work. Consider going into a creative field, like music, theater or design.


Down-to-earth, structure-loving and practical, Fours thrive in careers that emphasize detail and routine. Accounting or engineering are great fields for a Four, as are computer programming or the building trades.


Versatile talents and a flair for communication make outgoing Fives a perfect fit for careers in sales. As a Five, your skill with words can make you a good journalist, motivational speaker, or advertising executive, as well.


As a Six, you’re a loving and service-oriented person, focused on the environment you live in – domestic or natural. You’ll find the greatest personal fulfillment in a career that lets you develop that focus. Consider seeking out a career as a builder, an environmentalist or a homemaker.


Brilliant Sevens should seek out a career that lets them live a life of the mind. Philosophy or science are possible careers for you as a Seven; if your inclinations lie towards spiritual instead of material concerns, you would do well as a member of the clergy.


Eights are ambitious and competitive. Like Ones, as an Eight, you will do well in the business world, but you are better at pursuing success within established and successful companies than forging out on your own as an entrepreneur. Upper management, law, finance and real estate are all possibilities for you.


Compassionate and giving, focused on the happiness of others, Nines are most likely to find happiness of their own in service professions. Social work, coaching, or fields like HR are ideal fits for you as a Nine.


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