Using Numerology to Find Out Where You Stand in Your Relationship

We’re surrounded by numbers every day, sometimes more often than we realize. You can break down the day, month, and year into the digits 1-9 by separating the numbers and adding them together until you get a single digit outcome. These are the “master numbers” in numerology. The master number for the year 2015, for example, is 8. (2+0+1+5=8) The study of numerology brings together the primary numerical aspects in our lives by reducing them to master numbers and analyzing how each area of our individual lives ties into the archetypal meanings of our number system. Numerology is applicable to all areas of life, including romance and relationships. Numerology dictates your personality and path in life, so it makes sense it would also play a part in how you go about entering and maintaining relationships.

Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path number (sometimes known as your Destiny Number) is the master number that comes from the day, month, and year of your birth reduced down to a single digit number. It is the number that has the biggest influence in your life and highlights the central themes that will follow you through all your years on the planet. While it can never truly stand alone, your life number carries the most weight when it comes to describing your personality and focus in life. This is also means that is describes how well you function with others of different personality types and who you’re most compatible with.

Their Life Path Number

If your partner isn’t interested in numerology, they’re not going to know their Life Path number off the top of their head. Most of us don’t, unless we’re truly invested in studying the craft. Fortunately, all you need to know if their birthday and the year they were born to discuss compatibility with a professional numerologist. Different Life Path numbers represent different personality archetypes, and that’s why some numbers are more compatible than others. Two argumentative personalities, for example, will be far less compatible than an instigator and a peacemaker. You can use your partner’s (or potential partner’s) birthday when talking with a numerology expert to determine whether or not you’re going to get along well in the long run or if you’re in for a rough ride.

Compatibility and Numerology

It’s important to keep in mind that your Life Path number is not the only determining factor in the success of your relationship. Not only are some couples able to push the bounds of typical compatibility, you have to consider the slew of other factors on each of your numerology charts. The only way to get a thorough and complete answer on the subject is to schedule a reading with a professional who will be able to accurately read both of your charts and look at the bigger picture. This is a feat that takes dedication and talent to perform, and one that no computer generated numerology calculator is going to be able to substitute. If you’re really dying to know what numerology has to say about your relationship, setting up a live numerology session is your best bet for success.


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