Using Numerology As an Office Manager

Have you ever heard about any of those instances when the police enlisted the help of a psychic because they were stuck on a case? Sometimes, you even hear of marvelous breakthroughs where the psychic was able to find evidence that the police had previously missed. That’s pretty incredible when you think about it. If you spend all day behind a desk in your office, you probably wish there was some spiritual service that could make your job easier, too. As a matter of fact, though, there is! Numerology can, in fact, tell you a ton about the office that you are managing and the jobs you’re in charge of. You just need to know which areas you should be looking at. Below, we’ll teach you all about the basics of using numerology to make your office more efficient. You’ll be coming in ahead of schedule in no time now.

Find Out What People Are All About

One of the best ways you can use numerology in an office setting is as a way to get to better know your employees without actually speaking to them. For example, what if you sum their name and birth date and get to know some fundamentals about them? That could teach you a lot about how to properly manage your employees. For example, if you know that someone’s life number dictates that they have poor self esteem, you can always try to be building them up. You will get positive results from action like that. Your employees will appreciate you and, in turn, work harder for you. Isn’t that exactly what you want? Of course, that’s not the only cool thing you could be doing with numerology in your office.

Pick Powerful Days For Deadlines and Projects

The timing of things such as project deadlines is very important. If you set it too late, then everyone will be wasting time idling around when things get done early. However, if you set it too early, you can stress your employees half to death. Why not talk to your numerologist about picking the dates which contain the most creative power and energy? When you schedule things in your office right, your staff will always be working at peak productivity. Isn’t that exactly what your goal was in the first place? It’s easy to do and all it takes is changing some things around on your calendar.

Avoid Drama and Danger By Managing Your Risk

Of course, you can also use numerology when you are hiring. Evaluate your candidates with some basic numbers and you can often find out about red flags you might have missed otherwise. No one wants to hire someone onto their team when they don’t work well with others. Numerology can reveal that to you if you are asking the right questions. Manage your risk and keep your team from getting blown apart by one bad apple. Instead, use your numerological skills to boot people who have all the trappings of a team destroyer instead of a team builder.


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