Top Tarot Cards for Improving Your Education

The tarot cards are useful tools for helping you find answers to a wide variety of questions you may have. Did you know that they can help point you in directions about your education as well? Whether you’re going through a major career transition or are considering advancing to college or a graduate program, here are a few cards that may come up in your next professional tarot reading to help point you in the right direction.
Eight of Pentacles
The image on the Eight of Pentacles is typically of a person bent over a specific task, possibly even rubbing their chin as they study the object in their hands. Any time the Eight of Pentacles appears in a reading about your career or college education, it’s a sign of perfecting a new skill. You’re ready to take on a new task and that opportunity will be coming your way shortly.
The Heirophant
As the ultimate teacher card, the Heirophant is a sure signal in any spread that learning is headed your way. It’s time to prepare yourself for a new way of thinking, possibly indicating a change in your study habits, a change in your major or taking on a completely new career path.
The Fool
Often misunderstood, the Fool card doesn’t actually imply that the querant is an idiot. The Fool is a card that is ready to take on the world, carefree and open to new opportunities. He’s the freshman on campus, the newbie at the office, and always heralds the beginning of a new experience.
The Hermit
The Hermit is an interesting card to get in a spread about education. It implies that rather than seeking outside sources to improve your education that you should look within. If you’re considering going back to school to get an advanced degree, thinking that it may improve your odds of getting a new promotion, this card tells you that it isn’t necessary. You already have the basic skills you need to do the job, you just need to look inside of yourself for ways to unlock them.
Three of Wands
New experiences can be terrifying. In the face of change it may be tempting to sequester ourselves like the Hermit, but the Three of Wands indicates that you’re finally ready to step outside your comfort zone and take on new tasks. You’re able to take in knowledge that was kept out of your reach by fear before, and there may even be travel in your near future.
The High Priestess
The High Priestess is as much of a teacher card as the Hierophant is, though her knowledge tends to be more intuitive than material. If she appears in a spread related to education it’s usually a sign that you need to use your intuition to achieve your goals rather than a structured and formal education. In other words, don’t try to fit your situation into a rigid box. Taking a step back and going with your gut is the way to reach this particular goal.


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