Three Reasons Why the Problem with Your Psychic Reading Is You

Maybe you’re dealing with some kind of complication in your life. Maybe it’s financial, maybe it’s romantic, or maybe it’s something to do with your career. You’re not sure where to turn for guidance, so you decide to do something a little unorthodox: you decide to get a psychic reading done. You’re not the first to make this kind of decision in this kind of circumstance and you definitely won’t be the last. However, once you decide to get a reading done, you find that you’re very disappointed with the results. You get angry because you should have known it was all a bunch of crap and you’ve just thrown your money away. There’s something you should know before you decide that psychic divinations are all fake, however, and it’s something you should keep in mind for the future as well.

You Had Misconceptions

Before you get too upset over the “failed” reading you had done, you need to take a step back and seriously consider something for a minute: just how many misconceptions did you bring into the reading? Think about it. Did you expect your tarot reading to happen exactly like it does in the movies and on TV? Did you expect your crystallomancy reading to reveal images in a crystal ball like the one you’ve read in the books? Did you expect to feel something otherworldly during the entire process? If the answer to any of these is yes (and you can and should admit that to yourself), it means that you carried a ton of misconceptions regarding psychic readings into the situation. It also means that you’re letting those misconceptions cloud your perception of the event and that you’re focusing on them instead of the results of the reading.

You Had Unrealistic Expectations

Maybe you were fairly clear about the entire reading process, but you’re still not satisfied with the results. You need to ask yourself, what were you expecting to happen as an end result? Did you think that an astrology reading would perfectly describe why bad things are happening in life instead of outlining the things you could start doing to steer yourself out of a bad place? Did you think that you’d automatically see “The Lovers” card in a tarot spread because you asked a question about romance? If so, it means you had very unrealistic expectations. Psychic divinations, regardless of the method, are not exact scientific methods. You will never get results that outline everything that awaits you or that you need to do in perfect, point-by-point detail. You need to accept that psychic readings do not work that way. Instead, focus on the results you got and figure out how they relate to you, your behaviour, and the path you’ve chosen in life.

You Don’t Want to Believe

There’s nothing wrong with being a skeptic. It is a good thing that people approach life with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, embracing skepticism too much can let it cloud your perception. If you find that you feel ripped off after a psychic reading, this may be the case. Try letting go of that skepticism to look closer at the results of your reading and you may find yourself surprised by what you discover.


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