The Number of the Year, and How It Guides All of Us

As the final day of the year comes to a close, it is time for a fresh start. People gather together to celebrate the birth of the new year. They consider the hopes and fears they hold for the new year, and make resolutions that may or may not last. Each person has an individual future which has its own ups and downs. The society that surrounds them has many forces that can guide these ups and downs. Different social concerns will come to the forefront, and large-scale violence might break out.

Map of 2015

You find the universal year by adding the digits of them. For 2015, 2+0+1+5 means this is an 8 year. This forecasts some important things for the remaining months. 8 represents balance. This balance, though, doesn’t come easy. Consider the mathematical properties of the number 8. It can divide in half evenly until you reach 1, the smallest piece possible. Balance in a year of 8 will not come unless you break up larger power structures. The year will continue to see outspoken cries against injustices. You cannot make a change in society unless you speak of its need. You cannot measure a change in society unless you speak of things that are now different. Though this period may be hard to live through, society will endure. In fact, we will rise stronger from this year, better able to support ourselves and each other.

8 is also tied tight to money. Again, the yearly number represents the large scale, not a single person’s finances. Here, 8’s stability plays a key role. We can expect no financial crashes like those that happened in the past few years. Instead, expect careful inroads into existing financial inequalities.

Your Personal Year

From the universal year, you can also get a personal guide map for the year. This keeps the long scale, while giving you a more practical map you can use to guide your actions. First, you must find your sun number, which is your month of birth added to your day of birth, then reduced to a single digit. Them, you just add it to the universal number. For 2015, the universal number is 8. Depending on your result, find your forecast:

1: New beginnings. This year is a time of change. Make sure to take advantage of opportunities that come up this year.
2: Reflect on relationships. It’s time to take a pause and reflect internally. Aggressive actions could distract you from what’s important.
3: Be creative. Now is the time to embrace your creative and social energies. Welcome new people and ideas.
4: Buckle down. The year will be full of hard work, but it isn’t in vain. Focus and you’ll see the changes you want.
5: Take a stretch. This is a year to expect freedom, and the change that comes with it.
6: Focus on your family. Expect some changes at home this year, including your own responsibilities.
7: Look to the spirit. It’s time to take a pause and reflect on your own deeds. Consider writing to organize your thoughts.
8: Expect the themes of balance and money shared by the universal year.
9: Closing time. Thing will come to an end, but only so others might start anew.


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