Should You Trust a Free Tarot Reading?

There are heaps of psychic and Tarot sites that seem to be shouting about their free services from the rooftops. It seems too good to be true, since we usually associate professional readings with high cost. Unfortunately, there’s no benefit that comes from spending your time getting free readings. Here’s the scoop on what free tarot card readings are really all about.

Why Free Tarot Readings Are Free

If you’re browsing the Web for psychic services and come across a site advertising free tarot card readings, it’s tempting to indulge. What’s the harm, after all, if it’s free? Typically, there is no actual damage done by getting a free reading, but you won’t gain anything either. No real Tarot expert could afford to give their time away endlessly to strangers who want to “sample” their services with a free reading. Instead, these “readings” are just a generator spitting out three random card images with brief descriptions of the generalized meaning of each individual card. If you want more detail, you’ll have to click a contact button and start paying up. Free readings aren’t really readings, and they don’t give actual answers to your questions. Without a live reader present or extensive knowledge of Tarot yourself, you’re going to struggle finding any meaning at all in the random cards the site presented to you. Even then, computer generated decks lack the personal feel and connection necessary in selecting cards for a true reading.

Genuine Readings Vs. Computer Generated Spreads

If live online and in-person tarot card readings just entail pulling random cards out of the deck, is there anything really wrong with just opting for a free site that randomly generates a spread for you? The reality is that there’s a lot more to a Tarot reading than randomly drawing cards. You or your reader uses their intuition to work with the energy surrounding the deck and yourselves to select cards that call to you. This is much different than just having three or more cards selected from a virtual deck with no rhyme or reason. Then there’s the actual READING of the spread, which is something a computer program just can’t do. Only a human mind can capture the nuances of each card and weave them together to form an answer that relates directly to your unique situation and queries.

Getting a Real Reading on a Budget

It’s perfectly fine not to have piles of extra cash to spend on a professional tarot card reader. Free readings are tempting to so many people because most of us are trying to get through each month on a pretty tight budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get a tarot card reading. If you look over the prices for many Tarot experts, you’ll find that small, three-card readings are almost always under $20, and usually closer to $10. A three-card reading may seem overly simple, but they’re incredibly effective and go into enough detail to get the job done. With the right reader, they’re well worth the money and won’t leave your wallet empty.


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