Numerology as a Life Guide: Pros and Cons

It’s not uncommon for people who are experiencing struggles in life to look for aid in unconventional places. Sometimes when all other options have failed, you have to start looking in places you wouldn’t usually look. This is why many people get psychic readings done. Psychic readings can help people get back on track, can highlight the cause of stress in someone’s life, can provide insight into solutions that can lead to happiness, and can even help people understand their own destructive behaviour better. One type of psychic reading that people frequently turn to when trying to figure out their path through life is numerology. Numerology, which is the belief that there is a mystical, divine relationship between numbers and fate, often provides people with a guide through the challenges life may present to them. However, before you decide to get a numerology reading in order to try to understand life better, you should take the time to understand the pros and cons of using numerology as a life guide.

Pro: It Can Help You Understand Your Choices Better

By providing a psychic with your date of birth in order to complete a natal chart, a psychic will be able to divine a large amount of details about you that maybe you weren’t even aware of. Through a natal chart you may become aware of hidden desires, ambitions, fears, and goals you have. Once you’re aware of those, it may be easier for you to understand better the choices you’ve made in life that have led you to this point where you’re having problems. Gaining an understanding of what emotions and purposes are fueling the way you make problems, you’ll be able to figure out how to stop making bad choices and start making ones that will lead to happiness.

Con: It’s Not a Proven Science

This applies to all types of psychic readings and is the reason why many skeptics refuse to get them done. However, just because something can’t be proven doesn’t mean it won’t work, so if you’re of an open mind, there’s no harm in getting a psychic reading done. Because it’s not exactly a proven science, however, there is always the chance that the results of a numerology reading will make no sense to you or won’t be what you were expecting. It’s a good idea to be prepared for that kind of outcome so that you’re not too disappointed.

Pro: It Can Help You Pinpoint Priorities Based on What You Need

While numerology can’t tell you everything you need to do in life to succeed and be happy, it can point you in the right direction. For example, numerology can highlight for you the things you need to make a priority in your life based on your innermost wants, needs, and ideals. Once you’re aware of those priorities, you can begin to focus on them. Making them a reality will be the first steps in you discovering a life that will make you truly happy instead of providing you with the temporary contentment of material gain. This is the main reason that many people use numerology as a life guide.


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