Karmic Debt: Numerology Reveals If It’s Dragging You Down

Birthdays and names are key components to numerology, but truth is it can reveal insights to times even earlier. The way we begin in this life is born from previous lives. Through numerology, we can sometimes learn more about the errors of our past lives. They come up sometimes when karmic debt numbers appear. There are four of them, and should they turn up in calculations of numbers a psychic must take them into account. Each number has its own nuance, and needs a different approach. From here, you can grow and gain more fulfillment from this life. They aren’t bad luck or a curse upon this life, but instead a guidepost.

The Four Numbers

13: 3 is a number of joy and decadence, but 13 comes from excess. This reveals a problem of your past to be sloth. You didn’t work hard enough, and it brought you down. In the face of problems, ignorance and apathy are the most dangerous reactions. The answer to this is a matter of turning things around. Buckle down and work hard in this life. With any luck, you’ll see the results of this growth in no time at all.

14: Freedom is a precious gift in whatever form it manifests. Misusing it, though can cause the number 14 to turn up in future readings. This could come through abuse of others, letting them do the hard work and reaping their rewards. You took freedom when it wasn’t deserved. Other times, it means you ignored freedoms available to you, stubbornly refusing to change. Stubbornness in the face of options can stunt your personal growth. Whatever the matter, the answer is the same in this life. Should it turn up, look to a higher pursuit to focus your life and better the world.

16: It’s all about an inflated ego here. The number 16 reveals problems of self-importance in a past life. They thought themselves better than everyone else, and likely treated them poorly for it. This could have lead the person to commit crime, thinking they were above the law. This can also lead to extended guilt, believing one to be so important that everything that’s gone wrong is their fault. Should it turn up in your reading, it is time to make peace. The world works in complicated ways, and there are many things out of your control. This is for the best, as it allows you to pay special attention to what you do have.

19: The largest of the karmic debt numbers, the number 19 reveals problems with power in a previous life. This often came in the form of abuse, and lead to the mistreatment of charges. These may create lasting echoes into this life. In times of strife, you might find yourself alone. Sometimes you’ll be able to handle things, but it is a problem that you must reach out to change. Reach out and improve your support base, helping others so they will one day want to help you.


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