How Your Life Number Can Impact Your Romantic Relationships

Numerology works for you in two different ways. One, you can learn about yourself and how the numbers in your life effect how you act and feel, much like how you would read a horoscope and zodiac information to see comparisons in those descriptions and your life and self. Another way that numerology can be used is to see what your future holds, going a little more in depth than astrology in terms of specific instances and events in your life. Numerology can be compared to palmistry in that it takes information that will never change (your birthdate and palm lines, respectively), and gives a picture of your future.

Of the things numerology can explain, your romantic self and future are one of the most popular topics that come up during numerology readings. If you’re unsure or curious about your romantic endeavors and future with love, numerology can be extremely useful to discover your hidden romance potential and see what the future holds in store.

Your Personality Explained

If you want to have an in-depth analysis of your personality done, you may feel like it’s more productive to have your palm read or your astrology chart drawn up, and you’d be in the right ballpark. Numerology isn’t so much geared towards psychic psychoanalysis, but it does give a general idea about someone’s personality that can be more concrete than a horoscope reading or astrology chart. What you sacrifice in extreme detail and length, you make up for it in accuracy and specifics.

How you interact with others, especially romantically, is very much linked to your personality and how you view others. This is especially true when your life number becomes part of the equation. Your life number (also referred to as “soul number” or “life path number”) is the main factor in figuring out your personality in regards to a numerology reading.

Your Future In Front of You

The main focus of many numerology sessions is to see what exactly your life path number, and various other numbers that your numerology expert can explain to you, can affect your life for better or for worse. Most life numbers will give both good and bad news, explaining that there will be many highs and many lows in life that are necessary to overcome simply to live. While this may seem dramatic, it’s typically true to everyone who exists that they will have to face trials and tribulations to appreciate the good in life.

Sometimes this good, and bad, can be attributed to romance. Some numerology readers, especially those found online, can be very vague about what exactly these highs and lows mean or what they entail. Numerology readers who are more advanced and experienced can tell clients more information about what to expect as they through their life. Sometimes certain signs and numeric patterns that show up during a reading can indicate that a person is more likely to be unlucky in love than others. Other numerologists believe that certain life numbers themselves can make or break the possibility of someone finding eternal happiness.


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