How to Tell if a Psychic is Legit by Looking at Their Website

If you’re looking into having your first psychic session, you’re going to want to do a little research before you settle on a reader. You wouldn’t walk onto the lot of a car dealer without looking up information about the kind of car you’d want to buy, after all, so why not be just as smart about your psychic? Thankfully with how widespread the use of the internet is, you don’t have to go far to find out what you need. Taking a quick peek at your psychic’s website should tell you all you need to know.

Make Sure They Have One

A psychic that doesn’t have a website at all should be a big red flag. This could mean several things, but the worst case scenarios involve them being a fraud of some kind. Someone who doesn’t want to put down roots in the community isn’t going to invest in a virtual shingle where people they may have scammed in other cities could easily find them, and readers who are just there to rip you off for a quick buck aren’t going to want to be connected to any kind of permanent name. So first things first: make sure your psychic has a website before you move forward with booking your appointment.

Easy to Find Contact Information

This is just common sense, but some people like to make things difficult. There should be multiple ways to contact your potential psychic immediately available as soon as you open up the page. A phone number should always be included, but a savvy reader will also include things like an e-mail address or a contact form you can fill out. Some advanced psychic offices will even allow you to book your appointment online. Any psychic reader that makes it difficult to reach out to them, or only routes you through a suspicious looking email address or a dial-in hotline, is probably running some kind of scam.

Lots of Time Stamped Testimonials

Testimonials are some of the first things you want to read on your psychic’s page. Pay attention to things like the tone of the writing in each of them – they should all sound like they were written by different people because if they’re real testimonials, they were. If they sound like they were written by the same hand it may be a sign that your psychic’s made them all up. They should also each have time stamps so you can be sure that your psychic has both a solid history of providing good service and that all the reviews you’re reading aren’t from 1992.

A Detailed About Me Page

An about me page will include a lot of crucial information. In addition to their history as a psychic reader it should include information about any organizations they’re a member of as well as a photo. An honest psychic isn’t afraid to put their face on their business, after all, and it’s a sure sign that they have nothing to hide.


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