How Numerology Can Help You Pick Baby Names

Under any system of numerology, there are two vital components to the numbers that will shape your personality and your life path. First is the influence of your birth date and time. That influence is fixed throughout your life, just as the position of the planets at your birth goes on influencing you in an astrological reading. The second major influence on your life is also set around the time of your birth: it’s your name.

While there’s no easy way to alter birth date or time (we don’t recommend inducing labor on particularly auspicious days!) choosing a name that works with rather than conflicts with the vibrations of a child’s birthday can help smooth their life path and guide them towards harmony and fulfillment.

When you’re choosing a baby name based on numerology, you’ll need to already know the birth date and time in order to fully evaluate the effects of each name. In other words, this isn’t a decision you can make before the child is born! Any reputable numerologist will ask you to wait until the birth for a reading, so that those vibrations can be accurately accounted for in their work.

Pick Possible Names

There are far too many possible names for a numerologist to tell you which one, of all the infinite variety, is the best. Instead, you should have a set of names prepared when you’re asking for a reading: pick at least 5 names you would be happy to give your baby, and let the reading reflect which of the options will give him or her the best possible start in life. If you’re concerned about whether there’s enough variety, try running each name through a simple numerology calculation; if the names give different numbers, then you’ll have a solid range of options for your child.

Set Up Your Appointment

You don’t want to leave your child nameless for too long, but what if your numerologist has a busy schedule? Simple – let him or her know that you’re seeking a consultation for a baby name on an upcoming birth. With some numerologists, you may even be able to give them your name list in advance and send them the birth date and time as soon as your child is born. Ask if that’s an option!

What If All The Names You Like Are Inauspicious?

It’s unlikely, but possible – you might pick a handful of names that are all bad fits with your last name and your child’s date of birth. The more names you put on your list, the less likely this is to happen, which is why it’s a good idea to make sure you have a relatively long, well-rounded list of names that you like. Having multiple names and multiple middle name options makes it even more likely that there will be a combination that predisposes your child to a happy and successful life. If all of the names you had on your list turn out to be no good, though, don’t settle for the best of a bad bunch! Remember, whichever name you give your child will be with them for life. This is the time to pick out some secondary options, possibly with the advice of your numerologist, and get a baby name that will give your baby the best possible start.


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