How Numerology Can Help You Overcome Life’s Obstacles

If you’re sick of feeling like every day is a struggle and that the world is out to get you, practicing monthly, weekly, and even daily numerology can help you turn things around and set you back on the path to happiness. Numerology is the study of numbers and their meanings, and how they come into play in our lives. The results are very personalized, and typically based specifically on your birthday. Depending on the questions you’re trying to answer and what fields you’re looking at, different equations will come up along the way. You can use numerology books and Internet guides to help you figure out the meanings of the nine numerological digits (1-9), how they affect you, and what questions you can ask to properly use numerology to overcome life’s obstacles.

Finding Your Current Yearly Cycle

You can figure out what your personal number for the year is with some simple addition. All you need to know if your birthday and birth month, and the current year. You can use this same equation to figure out any year in the past or future if you need to do some reflecting or planning ahead. Remember that numerology requires that you work out every equation until only a single digit answer remains, so you’ll always end up splitting multi-digit numbers like 12 or 1988. Here’s an example of how you would figure out your number for 2015 if your birthday is May 20th.

First, combine your birth month and day.


Next, the year you’re focusing on.


Add them together and break down any numbers with multiple digits.


In this case, 6 is the number that will define your year in 2015. This is also known as an annual cycle, and there are nine that you’ll go through over and over throughout your life.

Daily Forecasts

These are the most commonly talked about equations in numerology, and there are several professional opinions on which method of calculation is correct when figuring out your daily number. One method involves using your Destiny Number, or life’s number, and others call for you to use the current date and year and not involve your Destiny Number at all. You can research the most popular methods and the reasoning behind each to find one that suits you best. These forecasts will help you determine what the day has in store.

Using Numerology to Help You Focus on Your Goals

You can break up your numerology readings into annual, monthly, weekly, and daily affairs, depending on your time and dedication. Numerology readings, especially daily forecasts, will help to keep you focused on what really matters each day. With every new day, there will be an area of your life where you need to focus your energy, and you’ll find yourself putting out better productivity when you put your efforts into the aspects of your life that correspond with your daily numerology readings. This is a great way to figure out what steps to take each day to achieve your goals, and to learn where your actions will count the most every day. You can also use professional readings on an annual or semi-annual basis to get a second, professional opinion and to outline your year ahead.


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