How Much is Your Tarot Reader Worth?

So you’ve decided to have your tarot cards read. Whether it’s for a fun night out with friends or to get some serious answers to questions you don’t feel comfortable asking anyone else, you’re going to have a few questions. One of your first question is naturally going to be how much your tarot reading is going to cost you, or how much the tarot card reader you picked out should be charging you. After all, just because you’re new doesn’t mean you want to get ripped off on your first reading. So how much is your tarot reader worth?

Price Shop By Area

The first variable is where you live. Some areas have a lot of stiff competition and this may drive down prices. Your local economy may also be a factor. Cost of living is significantly higher in San Francisco than it is in Houston which drives the pricing of everything up. A $20 reading in Houston could cost you as much as $100 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Do a little Google searching around your area, look at signs on windows for local tarot readers and psychics to see if they have prices posted. This will help you get a good average for your part of town.

Know What They Can Do

The more they can offer, the higher their prices are likely to be. If your tarot reader is a one trick pony who can only do, say, a quick one or three card draw, that’s both a benefit and a detriment. A detriment because that also means that they aren’t very experienced. A benefit because that lack of skill means that their services come for substantially less.

Know Their Experience

As is the case with any other skill based industry, the more experienced your reader is the more they’re going to cost. Someone who’s new to the scene and is trying to build up a reputation may start their pricing out at $10 or 20 an hour to try and entice new customers and build up a steady base of clients. Someone who’s been doing tarot reading for years may charge as much as $100 to $200 for their services, especially if they’re particularly well known.

Know Their Reputation

In the world of tarot reading your reputation is your bread and butter. Local readers work hard to maintain a good one since all it takes is one or two bad rumors to sour the community to them entirely, costing them their livelihoods. That being said, you may have the opportunity to get a less expensive reading for someone trying to rebuild a bad reputation. Perhaps they were known for not showing up at locations for readings on time and they’ve recently purchased an office to do readings out of instead. They may offer cheap introductory offers to show that they’re reliable now and improve their reputation within the community. But at least if you’ve done your research you’ll be aware of this going in.


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