Finding Your Perfect Partner with Numerology

One of the biggest questions that everyone has for any system of divination is about love. It’s a force of great power, and it can be hard to be sure when someone’s right for you, especially when your own heart gets involved. Can numerology help you navigate the shoals of romance? Yes, it can – whether you have a partner in mind or not!

Numerology and Romance

Even if you don’t know someone’s birth date or their Life Path number, we subconsciously sense the energy surrounding those we meet. You may find yourself always in disharmony with certain people, or drawn to closer relationships with others. Learning more about your personal numerological vibrations can help you understand why you react badly to some people, letting you improve harmony in your work or family relationships, and it can also help you understand why you feel strong attractions to others. Thanks to the rise of online dating, it’s much easier to discover the information you need to determine someone else’s number before making a decision about dating them – birthdays and names are often freely available on profiles.

Numerology and Compatibility

That initial “spark” of attraction isn’t all there is to a good romance. Numerology can also help guide you towards people who will be good long-term matches. Harmony between your Life Path and your spouse’s is vital for a happy, lasting marriage, not just initial appeal – and while your personal instincts can often point you towards good prospects, a little double-checking can’t hurt and may help ward off future trouble.

Not all points of compatibility or incompatibility will show up in your readings, of course – every person is different, and our numbers reflect our influences, but not necessarily our development. You should never stay with someone just because of a compatible number. If they seem compatible in other ways, though, looking at your numbers can alert you to points of possible conflict and help you develop your relationship in the ways you want it to develop.

Numerology and Marriage

Compatibility makes a difference, but just like a life, the day a marriage begins can influence its course in the long run. Consulting a numerologist about days that are in harmony with your vibrations as well as your future spouse’s can help you pick an auspicious wedding day that will enable you to forge a deeper and more successful bond. With all the planning and effort that goes into a wedding, don’t forget to ensure that its vibrations are right for you! It’ll make much more of a difference than the caterer or the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Numerology has a lot to offer someone who’s seeking a relationship, someone who’s making decisions about the path of their current relationship, or even someone making decisions about important relationship milestones like engagement or marriage. Knowing what to expect and how your personal vibrations interact with those of your partner can make for a happy and fulfilling connection – one that helps both of you become more together than you were separately.


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