Common Issues You’ll Face with Numerology When Dealing with a Skeptic

When it comes to new age practices such as numerology, runes or tarot cards, it can sometimes be difficult to introduce these things to family and friends. Because of the incorrect way Hollywood has depicted most psychics and fortune tellers, many people have become skeptics to new age practices long before even attempting to give them a try. If numerology is a passion of yours and is something you want to share with family and friends, here are a few issues you might have to deal with in the future.

A Skeptic Might Not Believe That Numbers Can Dictate a Personality

It can be fairly easy for a skeptic to brush off numerology as just another hoax that fake psychics might use to try and scam money out of people. They might not believe that numbers are actually connected to everything in the universe and that they hold deep meanings. But, that doesn’t mean that a skeptic can’t be swayed. In order to sway a skeptic, a person has to present reasonable facts and not overwhelm a person with too much information at once. Explain in very simple terms why numerology has been used by every type of person for many years now. Calculate their life path number, and show them how well their number corresponds with their personality. By showing them such powerful and accurate results, many people will become more open minded to the idea of going further with numerology and other new age practices.

A Skeptic Might Have the Wrong Idea about Numerology Because of Movies

Hollywood never seems to do any justice for psychics or new age practices. They lump anything and everything mystical into a pot and stir it all together until all the facts are mixed up and incorrect. Because of this, most people brush off any kind of new age or fortune telling tools as nothing but a scam. Don’t be surprised if a skeptic immediately begins to compare numerology to something incorrect they’ve seen in the movies. If this happens, do what you can to explain how wrong Hollywood often gets its facts, and how them that numerology is actually thousands of years old and had a lot of history and meaning behind it.

If a Skeptic Doesn’t Want to Come around, Don’t Force Them

Sometimes, a person needs to accept that fact that not everyone is going to be swayed from their skepticism. A person can try and explain numerology, psychics, crystals and tarot cards as much as they can, and in the best detail possible. But, some people just aren’t going to buy it no matter how well you can sell it. With people like this, it might best to save to simply save information for people who are actually willing to budge and give things a chance. By trying to force a skeptic to believe in something new, you might end up making them even more put off towards the subject. By giving someone a gentle push and allowing them to see just how well numbers can relate to their everyday life, a person might slowly become more accepting of numerology. But, if not, try not to nag and instead move on to bigger and better things.


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