Chaldean versus Pythagorean Numerology

Most numerologists, and nearly every Life Number calculator you’ll find online, use Pythagorean numerology. It’s the most common system, rediscovered in the 19th century based on principles of number magic that were originally practiced by the followers of Pythagoras. Yes, that’s the same Pythagoras who you might remember from the Pythagorean Theorem of geometry: between working on mathematical ratios, he was fascinated by the magical and mystical properties of numbers, and did much of the work that was later refined into the modern principles of numerology.

But Pythagorean numerology is not the only game in town. There’s another, older form of numerology that you may not have heard of: Chaldean numerology. Developed by the ancient Babylonians (Chaldea is a Greek name for the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where Babylonian culture flourished at the dawn of recorded history) this numerology is older and more complex than Pythagoras’ more straightforward system. So what are the differences and what can Chaldean numerology do for you?

Responsive Name Numbers

Unlike Pythagorean numerology, which assigns you a fixed number based on your full birth name regardless of nicknames or name changes, the number of your name in Chaldean numerology is based on the name you are currently known by. If you haven’t used your full first name since you were a child, how much relevance do the vibrations based on that name really have to your current, adult life? Not much – and putting too much importance on a name you no longer use can blind you to the ways in which your life and your personal vibrations may have changed since childhood.

Because of this flexibility, Chaldean numerology is also able to analyze changes in your vibration and your life path based on changes in how you present yourself to the world around you – as represented in the most basic unit of identity and presentation, your name.

Deeper Influences through Compound Numbers

In Chaldean numerology, the “compound” – double-digit – numbers found in your name have an influence of their own. While your simple number, the single-digit one found by summing throughout your entire name, reflects the outward and most basic elements of your personality, the compound numbers have a more metaphysical and spiritual effect on you. The combination of those compound numbers and the simple number allow a numerologist using Chaldean numerology to peer far more deeply into your life and your destiny than one who is using the simpler Pythagorean numerology.

Why Isn’t It More Popular?

So Chaldean numerology is more responsive to life changes and also offers a deeper, more personalized reading than Pythagorean. Sounds great! Why is Pythagorean numerology by far the most popular and widely known? Simple – Chaldean numerology, because of its specificity and complexity, is hard to learn and sometimes counterintuitive. It’s easier, and therefore more common, for numerologists to learn all of the elements and quirks of Pythagorean numerology. If you can find one who also does Chaldean readings, however, the information that that system may offer you about your personality and your life path may illuminate more for you than the more common Pythagorean system.

It’s worth a try!


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