Can Numerology Work on Pets?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who go overboard with their pets and those who do not. There are many different types of pet owners, but they can usually be categorized into either a casual or fanatic pet owner. If you’re more on the casual side, you probably understand fanatic pet owners as the kinds who dress up their dogs, throw them birthday parties, and treat them with more consideration and kid gloves than most mothers would their children. Many pet owners are proud of their fanaticism and prefer to treat pets like this, which is fine as long as there isn’t any abuse going on.

In the same vein as throwing a pet a birthday party, every animal DOES have a birthdate, whether it’s something you celebrate or not. Some pet owners do like to mark the occasion with a special treat, others invite the neighborhood to a pet bash, and others don’t even remember when it is. Knowing a pet’s date of birth can give you astrological insight into their personalities and demeanors, just like humans with their own dates of birth.

At least, this is the case, isn’t it? And if so, does factoring your pets birthdate into a numerology chart move you into the “crazy pet owner” territory? Is that even such a bad thing?

Nailing Down a Birthdate

First, you’ll need to know your pet’s birthday in order to actually have a numerology reading done. This is the fundamental information required in order to have a numerology reading made available. However, unless you witnessed the birth of your animal or have documentation from a breeder, it can be hard to make sure you know when they were actually born. This is especially true if you’re prone to taking in strays or shelter pets. In the case you don’t know your pet’s true date of birth, it IS possible to approximate one and use that. The accuracy WILL be affected, but don’t take this too hard.

Compensating for Lifespans

If you simply put the date of birth you have or have come up with into a numerology chart algorithm, especially on automated numerology chart, you’re bound to come up with information that takes into account a human life span. Pet owners who use numerology for their animals will either interpret the information as they see fit or will base the information on an animal’s years in comparison to a human’s, such as the common belief that one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven human years.

Is it Silly or Genius?

More than anything else, think about pet numerology as something fun. It isn’t something concrete, especially considering the editing you have to do, but it is something that you can do just to be silly or have a laugh at how much it really does fit your animal. It doesn’t make you obsessive or fanatical. Even if you are proud of your devotion to your pet and do take pet astrology seriously, numerology can be all in good fun and doesn’t hurt anyone, pet and owner alike.


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