Automated Numerology vs a Real Numerology Reader

Numerology is truly one of the psychic sciences that allows for no real wiggle room. You have your birthdate, your birthplace, and sometimes even the exact time of when you were born, and they’re entered into a formula with no questions asked. Unlike tarot reading and crystal meditation, two psychic methods that are up to interpretation more often than not, numerology is very exact and not debatable. If you were born on this day, in this place, and at this time, you can’t get a different reading unless you’re using a numerology reader with a different algorithm, which is rare.

Despite this fact, this doesn’t mean it’s wise to always use automated forms of numerology. Because of the cut and dry readings and exact specifications for numerology, many websites offer forms to fill out that can generate a reading for you on the spot. While these do have their perks, they also come with some cons, much like seeing a real astrology reader who can give you a reading in person.

The Ease and Speed of Automated Numerology Websites

The pros of automated numerology readings are obvious if you’ve ever had one done. Instead of having to pay a professional to do basic math and interpret the results, all you have to do while using an automated reader is input information and press a button. Your results are generated for you instantly. This info should be exactly the same as any other reading, but cheaper and much easier. It can also be extremely convenient when you don’t have a numerology reader near you or can’t visit as frequently as you’d like.

On the other side of the coin, automated numerology readings can be very lackluster and non-descriptive, depending on the website you use. There ARE many great numerology sites out there with accurate information, but finding a dud is also extremely possible. Using a reader, whether online or off, can allow you to have a more descriptive experience, especially if you have any questions about information present in a reading, which many automated sites can’t give you.

Connecting Personally and the Benefits of a Real Reader

Psychic sciences are very personal things to many people all over the world. For those who believe in the true power of psychic energy, automated websites can’t offer truly accurate readings because the personal energy level is absent. No matter how much you try, you can’t receive psychic energy from a machine like a computer. This kind of energy is often the most important part of a reading for someone who is deep into psychic sciences as a philosophy instead of just a hobby.

Numerology isn’t a form of psychic reading that requires a lot of psychic connection, however, due to the very straightforward and mathematic nature of the method. Therefore, other psychic aficionados believe that an automated reading can be just as beneficial and informative as a regular reading by an expert. This point is highly a matter of personal taste and belief, and one may appeal to another more depending on their true feelings about psychic readings.


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