3 Numbers in Numerology to Watch Out For

Going to a numerology reading, you’ll have many numbers thrown out by your reader that will many various things. Depending on the kind of reading you have done, you can have even 50 different numbers given to you that signify different parts of your life or facets of your personality. In most numerology readings, however, it almost always boils down to your most important number: your life number. Sometimes referred to as your “life path number”, this single digit encapsulates your being in a small blurb. Much like a zodiac sign can tell you a little about yourself based on a few sentences, your life number does much of the same thing. If you’re a one, you act this way. Twos are like this and fives are like that. All numbers have their pros and cons, but there are certainly numbers that truly got the short end of the stick.

Not ever life number is considered to be enviable. Sometimes a specific number is more detrimental to a person’s life than other numbers that can possibly be received via a numerology reading. Is it possible that your own life path number is one of the three unluckiest?


Three is considered a number that’s fairly common, but it’s also considered to be moderately unlucky, even in popular culture . You may recall the phrase “bad things come in threes”, or a similar adage, and many people believe it to be true. Tragedies and deaths are often thought to come as a trio, and this life number reflects a similar sentiment. While death may not be involved per se, threes are thought to be the most depressed of the life path number receivers. Because of a three’s need to be loved and fawned over, they often feel extremely self-deprecating if they don’t receive the kind of attention they feel they deserve.


In many countries, 13 is considered to be the most unlucky number around. This is why many people fear things like Friday the 13th, or 13 objects together, or the 13th of any month. In many Asian cultures, however, four is considered to be a number worse than death itself. This number brings much misfortune and signifies tragedy of the worst kind. Those with the life number of four aren’t nearly as dramatic, but still manifest some of the worst personality traits of all the other numbers. They’re often very clingy, anxious, two-faced, and known to be liars. Fours are also thought to be habitual neat freaks and are overly critical of others.


Seven is considered by many to be a lucky number, but those with the life number of seven are rowing up a steep stream on a hill with no oar in sight. Life hits sevens especially hard, shaking their faith constantly. Sevens are known to be very dramatic because of this, and often become the biggest cynics of the group. These people are also known to be alcoholics, addicts, and generally unhappy with their lives, leading to a high suicide rate.


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