3 Lucky Numbers in Numerology

When you have a numerology reading done, the main focal point of the session will likely be on your life number. Your life number, also known by other names such as a “soul number”, is the number that your life is dictated by. This will be a number between one and 9 that hosts a series of attributes, akin to the signs of the zodiac. For instance, a person who holds the zodiac sign of Pisces is said to have certain traits based on their birthdate falling into that astrological range. Your life number operates for you in the same way. If you’re an eight, you’re said to have certain traits that apply to you more than other numbers in astrology.

There are certain life path numbers that will show up in your reading, as well as other numbers that apply that your numerologist will explain in greater detail, that are more sought after than others. See if your life number is one of the three luckier numbers in numerology.


Those who have a life path number of one are known to be very successful and are considered to be one of the most hardworking of the life numbers. Their drive and determination knows no bounds, and can propel them to victory if utilized and used correctly. This allows them to be very proactive and job-bound. It’s extremely rare to see a one out of work for very long. Some of this success can be credited to their critical but fair eye for business and personal strengths. Many ones are known to be very open about their problems with others and situations, but always mean well and intend to make things better, not worse.


If Cancers are the moms of the astrology world, sixes serve the same role in numerology. A six is someone whom everyone looks for when in need of guidance, and is deserving of the utmost respect. Naturally, their dispositions mean they don’t have to look far for a kind word or admirative glance. These people are the managers of the numerology life numbers. They know how to run things smoothly and get the job done, but they don’t stoop to cheap tricks to get the things they want. Sixes are well known moderators, and you’re lucky to have any person with a six life path number in your world.


Everyone needs their knight in shining armor , and in numerology, this number is nine. If you think about a story, nine is the main character who wants justice to prevail and will defeat any evil to make it so. If someone’s life number is nine, they’ll be a reputable leader with a head for problem solving. A nine is someone who will always stand for what they believe in, even if it isn’t necessarily the best option or scenario. If you have a nine in your corner, you’re sure to have someone standing behind you who’s ready to give it all they’ve got to make sure you’re safe and well taken care of.


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