Automated vs. Live: Why Computerized Readers Don’t Add Up

Numerology is a very exacting reading method. This makes more and more people think that automated readings are more acceptable here–but that isn’t the case.

It’s not enough.

The basis in mathematics might make it easier for some people to think that a computer can run a numerology reading, but that’s simply not going to be accurate.

Numerology Readings stars and future image

The reason for this is that there might be a basis in numbers, but the connection to the spiritual realm is still very much there. You can’t get a good reading without that.

A computer is going to have a pretty hard time connecting to you in that fashion, and that’s why live numerology chat is honestly the most efficient way to go about this.

Minus a Live Chat Room, and You Won’t Get the Readings You Need. Here’s Why.

Automated readers might look fun, and they are, to an extent. Understanding that they are literally just a fun clicking game is something that you’re going to have to do, however.

Automated readings really don’t have a place in the world of actual readings, and that’s because there’s no connection to the spiritual world that you’ll find with them at all.

Settling for just automated readings isn’t something that’s going to give you a real pathway to follow, nor is it going to give you anymore than a newspaper horoscope could.

You want a real professional.

The readers that you’re going to chat with are actual professionals that have been training in the art of numerology for many years–or at least, that’s who you should be talking to.

When you’re in real psychic chats, you’ll be able to see the difference. It’s not just fortune telling or anything like that; a real psychic is a counseling experience that you need.

With that counseling, you’ll actually be able to understand the readings that you’re receiving, and you’ll be able to apply them much more thoroughly to your life.

You’re paying for that.

You might be drawn to the allure of automated readings because more often than not, they’re going to be free. The thing is, you’re not getting anything of actual value there.

A free reading sounds nice if you’re just clicking a button, but it’s usually recycled information, just like anything else on the Internet that’s all about a zodiac sign in the sky.

You don’t want to waste your time with an obtuse reading that’s only going to give you some vague advice, and not much else beyond that to help you live your life better.

It’s obtuse.

Obtuse Man on Laptop

Obtuse, vague readings are going to end up being the bane of your existence, and that’s ultimately all that you’ll ever see with the push of an automated reading button.

You don’t want to end up risking a lot of your faith on something that isn’t going to ever be able to connect to you, or to your particular, unique life situation at the time.

By realizing this, you’ll end up saving a lot of your time and stress. You don’t want to end up spending the effort on any sort of an automated reading if you can help it.

Go to a pro.

If you’re going to end up getting a numerology reading, you really just need a professional with the sight to help guide you through understanding what’s in front of you.

Going to a professional first is always the most advisable thing that you can do. Trust us when we say it makes a huge difference, and understanding the spiritual realm will help you.

Good luck!


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