Testing the New Blood: Are Newbie Numerology Readers Worth Your Cash?

Even the greatest psychics are going to have to start somewhere. That means that they were all newbies once, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that…but should you spend money on that?

It depends on the psychic.

Unfortunately, this is something that does have to be explored on a case by case basis. In general, you’re always going to want to gravitate towards experienced numerology readings.

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This means that the idea of newbies or amateurs are going to end up being scary concepts, and for good reason: you don’t want to end up wasting your cash on that.

Spending a lot of money on readings that aren’t really going to end up hitting the mark because of your reader not being experienced is something that will only frustrate you.

You Don’t Want to End Up Wasting a Ton of Cash–and For Good Reason. Here’s How to Avoid That.

There are a lot of great newbies out there, and they are the newbies that are the ones that put forth the time and effort to actually study and learn their craft thoroughly.

You don’t want to end up spending money on newbies that don’t do at least that much. Even if they’ve got a Hello Kitty tarot deck, they still might really know their stuff.

Judging a book by its cover isn’t ever a good tactic, and this is why doing your own research into the psychic that you’re considering is going to end up being paramount.

Talk with them first.

When you’re first visiting a reader with only a little experience, you’re going to want to talk to them and ask extensive questions about how much they do actually know.

While you might want to prefer going to a professional numerology reader, you can still get a professional experience from a newbie that’s very eager to learn in the field.

Chat with them about what they are actually comfortable doing, and what still seems a little bit out of their experience zone. You’ll get a much better read for them this way.

Expect vagueness.

It’s okay for you to end up getting a reading from an amateur reader, so long as you expect to go in and sometimes get a vague reading that doesn’t quite add up for you.

They aren’t as experienced in connecting to both customers and the spiritual realm, and while that’s fine, you do have to approach that with a very open mind in general.

These readers are still perfectly capable. They just might have a bit of muddled sight once in awhile, and remember–you’re one of the ones helping them to refine that.

They can have fresh outlooks.

Fresh Outlook

There’s yet another positive to going to an amateur reader, and it’s the fact that they actually can have a fresh, new outlook on you and your life that you haven’t had before.

If you’re going to a reader that’s been doing this for years, they might be stuck in a loop of doing something the same way every single time, and interpreting it the same way.

This might be something that helps you get a much better, newer outlook on things you hadn’t even considered from readings before, and it can end up boosting you on your way in life.

They usually are cheaper.

Finally, another strong advantage for trying out newbie readers is the fact that they often charge a bit less for their services, because they know that they’re newer.

This means that you can get perfectly great readings on the cheap, and this can fit into a very tight budget. Obviously, choose wisely, but you can find some great newbies out there.

Good luck!


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